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abs exercises
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Five simple exercises for targeted abs exercises

Hard activities of exercise are the essential requirement if the person wants to achieve abs. There are two basic methods with the help ...
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Meal prep to the rescue - eat healthy
Healthy Food Healthy Lifestyle

How to Eat Healthy without Spending a Fortune

by Victoria Lim Contributing Author, journalist and a fitness enthusiast with a B.Sc. in nutrition Even though people often think that they’re going to ...
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The Benefits of Laughter Therapy ...and how to get started
Healthy Lifestyle Self-Improvement

The Benefits of Laughter Therapy …and how to get started

People concerned about their health are always looking for ways to ward off disease, relieve stress and keep fit. It may sound strange, ...
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How Pets Can Help To Reduce Stress
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How Pets Can Help To Reduce Stress

Nearly everyone suffers from stress in some form or another it is an inbuilt self-defence mechanism that we are all born with. According ...
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Guest Posts Healthy Food Healthy Lifestyle

Live Healthy! Here are 5 Nutrition Rules to Live By

In today’s modern world everyone wants to stay fit and have a well-toned body. People resort to different options to achieve the desired ...
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How to use  self-hypnosis to create benefits for yourself anytime

What is Self-Hypnosis? Self-Hypnosis is a step-by-step, scientifically proven method for reprogramming your mind for success, so you can clear away any fears, doubts or ...
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bad oral habits in children
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Bad habits ruining your kid’s teeth 

As a parent, it is exciting to watch your baby grow from one stage of life to the other. It makes you feel ...
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skin care
Beauty How to

Best Skincare: Head-To-Toe Skin care Guide for Winter

by Meighan Sembrano Contributing Author, a professional health, beauty and skin care expert When winter hits, most of us shatter when we remember the drastic ...
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Learn Bronchitis Symptoms And How To Treat Bronchitis
Home Remedies How to

Learn Bronchitis Symptoms And How To Treat  Bronchitis

What is Bronchitis? Bronchitis is an inflammation or obstruction in the bronchial tubes. This inflammation results in a buildup of mucus, along with coughing, ...
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Five Ways Not to Deal with Stress
Healthy Lifestyle Self-Improvement

Five Ways Not to Deal with Stress

We all suffer from stress in the modern world. Fortunately, there are many healthy ways to deal with stress. Unfortunately, there are also ...
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