How to Select the Best Vaporizers for Dry Herb Smoking

How to Select the Best Vaporizers for Dry Herb Smoking

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For discrete smokers, dry herb vaporizers are the best as they make the smoke easier on the consumer’s lungs, in comparison to the other smoking methods. There are accurate temperature controls, as a result of which dry herb Vaporizers don’t burn the herb material. They help to boil the material into a vapour. This is not so hot, so the throat and the lunges of the users stay protected. There are no direct flames involved, and the heating takes place through the method of convection and conduction. As a result, harmful elements like tar are not introduced into the body.

With advancements in science, the portable vaporizers have advanced a lot in their technicality, when delivering combustion-free vapor. With improved battery life and temperature control, these let the user select their temperature for the dry herb strain. Users get full control over how they will have to consume the herb.

There are desktop vaporizers as well, which give the benefit of plugging into a power source. These are not portable.

Since there is no fire involved, the smell after a session is reduced. This is why health-conscious smokers choose the best vaporizers for dry herb smoking. These come in various options in tabletop and pocket version, at different prices.

When picking out the best vaporizer for dry herb, the life of the battery, the temperature change option and heating time for first use should be considered. Dry herb vaporizers dictate that the flower material is ground fine. A grinder is essential to make the process easy. The cannabis material should also be completely dry. If the herb is wet, then it won’t properly vaporize, ruining the experience. The heating chamber in the vaporizer is packed tightly or loosely based on the model of the dry herb vaporizer.

The best vaporizer for dry herb uses heat settings, while some others give you the ability to customize the temperature and raise or lower it by degrees. As far as safety is concerned, both rank well, given that the user knows what he/she is doing. When vaporizing flower, it is not recommended to go above temperatures of 420° F. The simple reason is that anything that reaches above this temperature burns up, giving the herb a different harsh taste. The best advantage of using a vaporizer for dry herb is the superior taste on account of toasting the herb. It is the terpenes that give cannabis their distinctive taste and aroma. Different strains of cannabis have different terpenes. The terpenes are nothing, but the oils found in all botanical plants.

Now, terpenes boil at a lower temperature than the Tetrahydrocannabinol or the THC, so using the best vaporizer for dry herb is vital so that terpenes are transferred from cannabis to the body.

Battery Life

When selecting the best vaporizer for dry herbs, battery life is an important consideration. It would be best if you accounted for the frequency with which you will be using it, and also its use in a group session. To avoid losing power in the middle of a session with other people, it is best to use the tabletop, and plug it into the wall. But the trade-off is portability, as table-tops are suitable for home vaping only. Cordless units of vapes can be charged with the help of the USB cord. If you are a heavy user, you need to find out how long the battery will last. Some specific models come with battery light indicators so that the users can always track the battery levels.

Equipped with this know-how, you can make the correct choice in purchasing the best vaporizer.​

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