Physical And Mental Fitness: Best Walking Tours In The World

Physical And Mental Fitness: Best Walking Tours In The World

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Physical And Mental Fitness: Best Walking Tours In The World, walking in nature, #InTheWorld #TheWorld #WalkingTour #Fitness #Earth #civilization #Physical #MentalPhysical And Mental Fitness: Best Walking Tours In The World

by Lena Hemsworth
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Opting for walking tours is a great way to explore a certain destination thoroughly and learn things that otherwise you couldn’t. Whether it is a professionally guides walking tours or you’re more keen on independent walks it doesn’t matter as long as you stay active and have fun! Here are some of the best destinations in the world that you should consider for your walking holiday.

Best Walking Tours In The World

Greece: Crete – the island of many historic sites


According to myth, Theseus slew the Minotaur (half-bull, half-human creature) in Crete and saved many Athenians from being sacrificed to the monster. And this is just one of many fascinating stories about the wonderful Greek island you’ll hear on your magnificent coastal walks. Engage in this historical adventure and explore the classical ruins that are scattered across the flowery plains and rugged coast, educate yourself about ancient Greek and the rich history of this wonderful country. Choose these walking tours: Mt. Ida walking route and see the Ideon Cave, the birthplace of Zeus sky and thunder god in Greek mythology.

Walk around western Crete and visit Aiolos, the land of the god of the winds and Gramvoussa and Elafonisi and learn about the legend of Cyclops. You can never go wrong when opting for a Greek island walking tours, you will be able to see the breathtaking views of the sea, you will be mesmerized by the rugged countryside, and you will most definitely have an unforgettable experience.

Walking for a healthy, stress-free life

There are many benefits of staying active while enjoying your vacation and choosing a walking holiday. A well-known fact is that walking can improve brain function and it is a perfect low-impact, low-risk activity for people of all ages. Besides it gets you out in nature (exposure to sunlight ensures an influx of vitamin D which is responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate, among other biological effects) walking can help you cut down the stress and cope with it. Engaging in physical activity helps to beat depression and anxiety. Increased endorphin helps you become more relaxed. Well, what are you waiting for, just pick a destination and start your adventure!

Australia: Tasmania’s hidden gem – Bay of Fires


A beautiful Tasmanian Bay of Fires stretches over 50 km from south Binalong Bay to north Eddystone Point. It offers miles of sugar-white sandy beaches, clear deep blue ocean and the specific wildlife that you will have the feeling like you’re the only person to have ever set a foot here. Choose a three day guided walk and explore the magical landscape of white beaches, vivid orange granite boulders and rich vegetation around and be mesmerized by the wonderful scenery. It is best to choose a winter walk tour and if it gets really hot, simply dip in the beautiful ocean to cool down.

 Kenya: a magical walking safari

If you consider yourself a nature lover adventurer who adores wildlife, then the perfect walking destination for you is Kenya. Gaze upon unique wildlife while enjoying the sense of freedom from all the 21st-century gadgets and “necessities”. Visit the scenic area of the Great Rift Valley and enjoy the peace and quietness of the place with the absence of mass tourism.

Explore the Crater Lake and Crescent Island sanctuaries, Hell’s Gate National Park and share the experience with giraffes, zebras, gazelles running around. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the magnificent Lake Nakuru National Park, where thousands of pink flamingos come to stay and as a cherry on top, Masai Mara, a place where you will have the chance to see cheetahs’ leopards and lions in their natural habitat.  What a tour!

Switzerland: the magnificent panoramas of the Alps

Switzerland: the magnificent panoramas of the Alps
Switzerland: the magnificent panoramas of the Alps

Opt for a Swiss Alps tour and walk from the village of village of Gschwantenmad along the Reichenbach River to Schwarzwaldalp across the Brünig Pass and enjoy the wonderful scenery around you. Take a walk through the wonderful alpine countryside and enjoy the fresh, crisp mountain air. Fall in love with rich, colorful meadows crowned with snow-capped peaks and let this walkers paradise astound you with its many way-marked paths that you can follow. It is time to explore this extraordinary scenery, to see the borderline between the land and the sky-high Alps. There’s nothing not to love about this hiking tour for sure!

These are just a few unique and extraordinary locations for you to explore but don’t stop there. It can be a perfect start to a new tradition of walking holidays for you and your family that can be passed on. You are aware of the health benefits of walking; you know that it gives you the opportunity to explore a part of your chosen destination thoroughly and you will be able to learn many new things that you cannot find on Google. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bags and choose, destination and start your adventure!



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