Braces Options for Teen: What is the right choice for your child

Braces Options for Teen: What is the right choice for your child

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Braces Options for Teen_ What is the right choice for your child

Fixing braces in your teeth is the ideal way of achieving perfectly aligned teeth. When we talk about the major victims of braces, they are teens. Teens are most likely to be a victim of unaligned teeth, and this situation usually occurs from incidents or just by birth.

Because of this very reason, it is important to provide orthodontic treatment for teens. Teenage ages are considered to be crucial growth moments. Plus, it is easy to shape the teeth and align them at a young age.

So, if your kid is suffering from lack of alignment, you must be unaware of what is best for your child. Teens are very conscious about their looks, and the attachment of braces can also have a huge influence on their looks.

However, the options of braces available today are much better and attractive than the ones that were available in the past. In this article, all the aspects of braces will be covered, and you will find the perfect braces for your child.

Braces play a very important role in not just shaping the teeth of a teen, but also improving their habits. Other than that, braces can solve a variety of oral health problems, which include the following:

  • Teeth gap
  • An open bite (in which the upper and lower jaws cannot touch)
  • A crossbite (in which the upper and lower teeth are misaligned)
  • Very crooked and overcrowded teeth
  • An overbite (in which the upper teeth bite the lower teeth)
  • An underbite (in which the lower teeth are misaligned)

All of these oral health problems can be avoided by proper dental treatments. Plus, perfect teeth offer a lot of recognition and benefits. The first-place braces attack is the smile. According to research, people with perfect and healthy smiles often have a lot of confidence in themselves and tend to perform their activities with full passion.

However, your teen’s teeth are not the only object that has to look good, a healthy smile is also important. A healthy smile can offer dozens of benefits, which are:

  • A sudden decrease in tooth decay and cavities arise with healthy and clean teeth.
  • Not being able to bite properly can create a lot of health problems and can lead to broken teeth.
  • With straight teeth, the pattern of speech increases.

It is best to use braces in teen ages because the teeth are most likely to grow in that age. Also, after the braces are taken, the use of retainers might arise. The aspect of “different types of retainers – which is best for your child” will also be discussed in this content.

Now, let’s discuss some of the types of braces that will suit teenagers precisely.

  1. Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces are kind of similar to traditional/metal braces. The only difference between ceramic and traditional braces is that ceramic braces are made from transparent and clear ceramic material. The meaning of this is, ceramic braces are very unlikely to get noticed.

The transparent wire of ceramic braces just blends in with the teeth. But, ceramic braces are a bit expensive and can easily look worn out after a couple of months, depending on your eating habits. Other than that, they are great for teens who do not like to wear traditional braces.

  1. Traditional Braces: Traditional braces are made from metal. The manufacturing of metal braces has really increased in the past couple of years, with brand new features. Traditional braces are ideal for every teeth condition.

With the use of arch wire, the teeth are pulled back into an aligned position gradually. Just to add color, traditional braces are available in a variety of color for the teens that are a bit conscious about wearing braces. Metal braces are very economical, and they are ideal for every teen. They look the same even after months of being put on, and they can definitely improve the mouth habits of a teen.

  1. Invisible Aligners: Invisible aligners are widely being used. The major reason for their fame is that they are completely invisible. Invisible aligners are also called retainers. They can be taken off anytime the teen wants.

However, the use of invisible aligners kind of depends on the suggestions of your teen’s orthodontist. The dentist will examine the condition of one’s teeth and then suggest the type of braces best for the teeth condition.

On the other hand, invisible aligners are not ideal for fixing severe teeth alignment issues. They are also very expensive and are only suitable for minor tooth problems

In conclusion, the choice of braces depends on your orthodontist’s recommendations.


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