How Drugs Affect the Body

How Drugs Affect the Body

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By Praveen Singh Contributing Author, writer and blogger expert

Drugs are extremely harmful to the body. They affect how you think, feel and behave. Be it a cocktail or a hit of ecstasy or a line of cocaine; drugs will always have negative effects even if they temporarily make you feel like on a high. With drug usage, your body’s central nervous system is affected thus causing you both, physical and phycological effects, mostly of harmful varieties. Drug addicts may feel like having a rush of energy temporarily, but their body often starts working in unnatural ways under the influence of substances. So, stop smoking a pot or sipping a cocktail, even if they make you feel somewhat momentarily awaken.

Here are ways in which drugs can affect your body

  1. BRAIN

Drug usages will adversely affect the brain and set you for more harms than your desire. Changes in dopamine production and regulation are common with drug usage, and a direct impact on memory, learning, and cognition is often the result. More importantly, drugs can impact the overall intelligence together with causing irreversible brain damage. It’s also common for drug addicts to experience changes in sleep patterns with ever-present risk of memory loss. It’s also believed that drugs can lead to impaired judgment over time.

  1. EYES

Different types of drugs are there which can affect the eyes in different ways. In general, however, people on drugs are more likely to have reduced the ability to focus, blurred vision and loss of vision over time. In fact, drug addiction could even lead to distorted vision, dilation and frequent bouts of hallucinations. Some of the other harmful effects of drugs on the eyes include conjunctival lesions, talc retinopathy and a permanent danger of infectious corneal ulcers. Worse still, drug usage could even lead to permanent vision loss, so caution should be the order of the day.

  1. HEART

Drugs abuse can be seriously harmful to the heart with the potential to cause a variety of problems. Addicted persons are like to have collapsed veins and infected heart valves. With drug usage, there will always be a risk of heart attack as the heart rate might also be anything but normal. Drug usage can also lead to myocarditis and endocarditis.


The risk of kidney stress and failure is common among drug addicts. The habit impacts the normal functioning of the kidneys hampering its ability to regulate hormones and excrete waste. Also, there will be a risk of irregular hormone levels leading to kidney failure in cases where drug abuse is the norm. Some of other drug usage risks may include lesions on the kidneys and rhabdomyolysis.

  1. TEETH

Stop taking drugs if oral health matters to you. With drugs, there will be a risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Drug addicts may also experience dry mouth and teeth grinding. Don’t forget; there will always be a risk of oral cancer with drugs. Some of the other oral problems may include gingivitis, tooth loss, and gum abscesses. And if there is a risk of tooth loss, you can always consult the dentist and ask in detail about four on one dental implants cost for safety.

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