Grow your traffic with this Pinterest e-course

Grow your traffic with this Pinterest e-course

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Three words; Pinterest Ninja, e-Course.

Until I stumbled upon this e-course, I never realized that I had been using Pinterest the wrong way. In only two months, my followers on the site increased from 250 to over 1,500. Pinterest generates 90 percent of the traffic that comes to my website, and with my 100+ boards, this traffic is only going to grow.

Even as the Pinterest Ninja e-Course is designed to help bloggers use Pinterest to their advantage, this course has so much more to offer. Email marketing, social media marketing, income generation using affiliates…the list goes on, and all you have to do is buy the e-book.

Too Good To Be True?
It is hard to believe, I know. I was skeptical at first too, but this course is not some every-day scam that will cost you hundreds of dollars and hours of research. Even though most people, bloggers, in particular, think they have Pinterest and other social media sites figured out, they don’t.

It is possible to get over 100,000 page views a month and multiply your traffic without spending a lot of money on advertising bills.

What The Course Can Do For You.

Like everyone else, I go to Pinterest for recipes and fashion ideas, but this course taught me to turn my time online into traffic.

With the e-book, you will get to learn how to:

– Set up a Pinterest for Business Account.

– Give your Pinterest page a more professional
look to attract the right clientele.

– Pin and get a high number of re-pins.

– Direct traffic to your blog using Pinterest
Group Boards.

– Brand your business and link that brand to all
your social media sites.

Email Marketing

Having trouble growing your email list? You must have asked yourself questions like; how often do I send out emails? What do I say to my subscribers?

I was facing the same problems not long ago, but Pinterest Ninja gave me the necessary strategies and free additional course to successfully build my list.

Also, you get 30 days of ConverKit for free; who could say no to that?

And Finally, The Money

It is not enough to have an affiliate link; you need to know how to write the perfect blog posts to market that link.

Monetizing your blog can be challenging, but with this course, you will be taken through the process of getting income through affiliate links.

This book is the best investment I ever made. For only $29.99,
I got the book and a free course that helped me market my content to thousands of people. Pinterest Ninja gave me the knowledge on how to market myself across multiple social media platforms, all without having to pay for advertising.

It is not a subscription of any sort; you only have to make
a one-time investment and reap the benefits forever. Once you buy the book, you are entitled to free updates as soon as they come out.

Trying out the Pinterest Ninja e-Course is the best decision you will ever make for your blog and your business.

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