Onion As A Remedy Against Fever

Onion As A Remedy Against Fever

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Onion As A Remedy Against Fever Onion As A Remedy Against Fever
Onion with the text Do you want to beat your fever with onion?
Do you want to beat your fever with onion?









big field with onion
big field with onion

In the 1919 year, 40 million people died because of fever.

Only farmers were immune to the illness. One doctor decided to visit a farmer’s family to discover why they were immune. After he had discovered that the whole family was in good health, he was astonished. When he had asked for the reason, they told him that they kept a whole onion on a plate in every room.

three whole onions on the plate
three whole onions on the plate

The doctor couldn’t believe. He immediately asked for one onion in order to make microscopic analyses. He discovered the virus of a fever in it. It was evident that the onion had absorbed all the bacteria and because of that, all the people in the house were healthy.

I have heard the same story from another doctor. She read an article which stated that two onions have been sliced up and poked with a fork on one side. The patient should sleep with that onion on a plate in one’s own vicinity the whole night.

It was stated in the article that the following day the onion would become black, but the patient would feel better.

You may try with this. Results may vary from person to person. What works for some people, does not work for others.

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