Foods To Avoid As You Age

Foods To Avoid As You Age

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Foods To Avoid As You AgeFoods To Avoid As You Age

by Ron Wolf  Contributing Author, a health expert
As you age, you may no longer be able to indulge yourself in certain types of food as you used to. It’s only natural that your body has a hard time processing saturated foods, like meat and dairy products, or has a low tolerance for alcohol, coffee, and soda. With age, your body requires a healthier diet as to maintain a proper function of all vital organs. Therefore, saying no to some of your cravings and sticking to a new healthy menu shall definitely boost your health as well as energy.Therefore You must know which Foods To Avoid As You Age

Here are the foods to avoid as you age:

The unhealthy margarine

The never-ending battle between butter and margarine has finally come to its end. Since health experts have acknowledged many dangers of saturated fats, which can also be found in margarine, it’s no wonder that they recommend staying away from this product. Health condition, like heart disease, has been proven to be linked to trans-fats in margarine. Many studies also prove that margarine is responsible for certain inflammations in the body, especially on the skin, since it provokes the loss of collagen. Therefore, choose a healthy substitute e.g. butter or when cooking, olive oil.

Bad, bad, bad bacon!

Unfortunately, consuming too much of omega-6 fatty acids leads to severe health conditions. Certain enzymes in omega-6 fatty acids are responsible for joint inflammation in the body. Moreover, similarly to some processed meat, bacon contributes to the development of heart condition and cancer. Believe it or not, an ounce of bacon usually has thirty milligrams of cholesterol. By consuming it regularly, in high quantities; it may lead to serious health problems e.g. a stroke. In addition, the juicy bacon is rich in sodium, which is associated with high blood pressure. Therefore, opt for turkey bacon or a vegetable substitute like eggplant.

Salt ‘n’ Sugar

One of the foods to avoid that causes high blood pressure is salt. Eating salty food makes your body restrain water, which affects your blood pressure negatively and overwhelms the vital organs, like kidneys and heart. As a result, we face heart diseases. Avoid salty chips, frozen food, and processed meat, in other words, anything that has too much salt. Reduce also your sugar intake, since sugar is the ingredient directly linked to diabetes. Cut down on candy, chocolate, ice cream, and pastry. However, the sugar found in fruits is not as harmful as refined sugar. So, eat less sugar and salt and more fruits.


With age, you have probably noticed that another glass of wine is not a good decision. This is because your body is no longer able to metabolize the alcohol from the wine as it used to. Drinking too much leads to dehydration of the body, especially skin, resulting in the appearance of fines lines. Moreover, after a night of boozing, your body starts craving for more sugar and carbs. Consuming too much of these products, along with the refined sugar from the alcohol, leads to the development of health issues like diabetes. Unfortunately, getting older does mean drinking less wine, beer, and cocktails.

Deadly meaty goods

As previously mentioned, animal fat is closely connected to heart diseases. There are many deadly cured types of meat as foods to avoid, such as salami and pepperoni, as it can contain parasites. Prevent illnesses caused by parasites by simply freezing cured meat. Poultry, burgers, and sausages are the major causes of certain cardiovascular diseases as well as ED, ‘’early death’’, which is another name for erectile dysfunction. Restore your sex-drive by eating avocado, nuts, and seeds. If you are eating too much of cold meat and poultry, you might find yourself in need of an ED treatment clinic.

Coffee and Soda

Other drinks you ought to avoid are coffee and soda. Since these drinks are full of artificial sweeteners, when consuming them, our glucose level rises and our insulin response weakens. This leads to many heart-related diseases as well as diabetes. Caffeine in coffee is also responsible for digestives problems, such as ulcers and heartburn, so switching to decaf coffee is probably a wise move. Some studies have shown that coffee causes kidney failures and liver cirrhosis. Therefore, if you are a coffee addict, think about replacing coffee with some healthy alternatives such as green tea.

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