How to grow traffic to your blog and receive paid real traffic

How to grow traffic to your blog and receive paid real traffic

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When it comes to writing in blogs or internet marketing, all that matters is the visitor traffic to your website. The more the traffic, the more the customers and more customers translate to more money. Grow Traffic offers a unique 50 million new visits in a month to your website to help you achieve this goal. Their pay per visit (PPV) rates are low and affordable with a single PPV costing 0.002 cents.

How to Grow Traffic works

Grow traffic directs visitors from its large ad network that receives a combined 20 million visits a day. The visitors are from expired domains and ads on other established websites. When you begin a traffic campaign with Grow Traffic, your site is displayed on these sites depending on the selected target audience and niche until your targeted number of visitors is reached. Visitors are sent to your site directly, and no ads are required.

Grow Traffic’s relationship with Adsense and Google Analytics

Grow Traffic numbers work well with Adsense ads recording the total number of visitors. Visitors numbers can also be viewed by Google Analytics.You can track the traffic progress stats using the tracking link Grow Traffic send to you when you begin your campaign. It tracks 100% new visits sent from Grow Traffic. You can track that number directly by use of other tracking software such as AWStats, Piwik, cPanelhost among others.
To purchase and begin your traffic campaign, visit Grow Traffic page and click on ‘Build a campaign.’ The steps that follow are simple and easy.

Steps to start a campaign

1. Select the target number of visitors
Choose the number of visitors you would like for your page or blog. Grow Traffic site lets you choose from a 10,000 visitor target a month, which is 333 unique visits a day, to 1,000,000 visitors a month which is equivalent to 33,333 new visits a day depending on the campaign. Each target number has its corresponding prices which are very friendly and affordable and comprise of regular client discounts.

2. Select a target audience and their location
Grow Traffic lets you choose audience not only the location(country) but also lets you customise the audience according to specific interests, age sets, advertising media in question, career language among other niches. Grow Traffic puts your site in the eyes of the desired audience from whichever location.

3. Select how long you want the campaign to run
When building a campaign, you can also choose the duration you wish the campaign will run.

4.Fill in your details
Here, you input the site you want the population to flow into and your details such as name and email for contact purposes.

5. Select your method of payment
Grow Traffic allows for payment using all major credit card payment methods including Bitcoin.After you are done, have filled out the application, Grow Traffic team will review and build your campaign within 24 hours. Results are seen within a few hours. An email is sent to confirm your application to your email address. In case no new traffic has flown into your site within 48 hours feel free to contact Grow Traffic for assistance. Grow Traffic team provides high quality, reliable services according to your needs.

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