Switch to Natural Candles to Avoid Health Problems

Switch to Natural Candles to Avoid Health Problems

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It’s been drilled into the heads of young people for decades about how harmful cigarette smoke is to your health, but Missouri pediatrician, Andrew Sledd, claims that an hour of burning a paraffin candle can have the same harmful effects as a single cigarette. It seems pretty scary to think about, especially if you have no idea that you are creating any harm by lighting up your favorite smelling candle after cleaning your home. Unfortunately, there are many hidden dangers in the home that pose a health risk. But with the right knowledge, you can begin making changes to build a healthy environment for yourself and your family, and it can begin with the type of natural candles that you use in your home.

Setting the Mood – at What Cost?

Candles can be used for anything from masking the wet dog odor in your home to, setting the mood on a romantic night with your significant other. The last thing you may be thinking about on a romantic night is the toxins being released from your paraffin candles, however, it may be worth researching more. With the health risks of paraffin candles becoming more known, it’s easy to see why many individuals are making the switch to more natural options such as soy candles. With a soy candle, you won’t have to worry about the extra soot being produced, and you can enjoy a 30% longer-lasting burn than candles made with petroleum. The toxicity alone is enough to make people switch from paraffin to soy, but it sure adds to the benefits when you get to enjoy an even longer romantic night with long-burning soy candles.

You may not be aware of the harmful toxins that paraffin candles produce or even notice the effects they may be causing on your health, but even the strong odor from the candle’s fragrance is enough to cause headaches and allergy symptoms. Recent studies that have been conducted have been bringing more attention to the toxic fumes that paraffin candles produce through emitting soot and fumes, leading to allergies, asthma, and even cancer. Soy candles and other 100% natural alternatives are better options because they produce less soot and do not release any toxins that will be a risk to your health. Not only are natural candles safer and less harmful for your health, but they also tend to burn a lot longer which will end up saving you money in the long-run.

Candles offer a relaxing setting in the home during a bubble bath, after you finish cleaning the house, or enjoying a romantic night with your partner, but are the toxins worth it? Your romantic night doesn’t have to be ruined by the chemicals and soot created by paraffin candles, as long as you choose a healthier alternative – such as soy or beeswax-based candles. Educate yourself on the best alternatives and research the candles that you decide to purchase and use in your home to avoid any harmful chemicals being released in the air.

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