Are you getting enough nutrients every day? If not, try this!

Are you getting enough nutrients every day? If not, try this!

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Are you getting enough nutrients every day?

Are you getting enough of the nutrients you need for optimal health and energy? No matter if you’re a busy professional, watching your weight or just a picky eater, too many of us are eating on-the-fly or just not getting enough of our daily nutrition. If the thought of yet another salad doesn’t make your mouth water, Nature’s Way may have a solution: Super Greens Plus.

Super Greens Plus is a supplement that’s designed to make sure you or your family are getting the vital nutrients you need without altering your busy lifestyle. This product is scientifically formulated to provide dense nutrients in a form that’s quickly absorbed and digestible. Each 100g serving contains 84 beneficial ingredients, and it’s equivalent to 10 servings of vegetables.

Isn’t it Better to Just Eat Your Veggies?

Ideally, whole foods are the best source of nutrients. However, many people aren’t getting enough of the foods they need for optimal health and wellness. Whether you aren’t eating right due to time constraints, illness or you just hate the taste and bulk of certain foods, taking a high-quality additive can help make sure you’re getting everything you need in your diet.

What’s in Super Greens Plus?

There are 84 ingredients in each serving of Super Greens, and each works in combination to offer health benefits. You’ll find:

1. Superfood extracts

These are natural sources of trace mineral and enzymes that help maintain hormone levels while building strong bones and biological systems. In addition to extracts from fruits and vegetables, they include ingredients like:

* spirulina
* wheatgrass
* alfalfa
* beetroot
* kelp powder
* licorice powder
* kale extract
* rose hips
* blueberry extract
* carrot powder
* broccoli powder

2. Vitamins and minerals

Even little kids know the value of fruits and vegetables contain vitamins for healthy bodies. Super Greens contains every color of the rainbow and all of your USDA of vitamins and minerals, including:

* Vitamins A, C, and D2
* B-complex vitamins, including B 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 12
* Calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate
* Selenium
* Manganese
* Chromium nicotinate
* Copper

3. Proteins

Protein is essential for growing bodies and to prevent loss of muscle mass that comes with aging or dieting. This product contains natural sources of protein like pea protein isolate.

4. Digestive Aids

An added benefit of eating vegetables and fruit is fiber intake. Super greens contain vital sources of fiber that include sunflowers, flaxseed powder, and dandelion root. It also has ginger and other ingredients to promote good digestion.

5. Anti-oxidants

We can’t forget about anti=oxidants like citric acid, green tea, and ginseng. These substances boost your immune system and fight the signs of aging as well as fending off disease.

Who Should Try It?

Anyone from eight to 80 can benefit from Super Greens. Adults can add two teaspoons (10g) to juice or water several times a day; for children, mix one teaspoon (5g) in a glass of water to give them a health boost. It’s best to take this product on a regular basis to maintain the best level of nutrition.

When you don’t have the time or the tendency to eat right food every day, shop Super Greens online. There are reputable suppliers, just make sure you check the ingredients to make sure your source is organic and doesn’t contain unnecessary fillers or preservatives. Better yet, search for Nature’s Way Super Greens Plus by name.

Take care of your health, and start to shop Super Greens online NOW!

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