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My name is Elizabeta Kuzevska. Nine years ago I was diagnosed with a tumor on the right ovary. The tumor was immediately removed with surgery. Three months later in the regular medical control, I was told that the tumor had spread to the left ovary and I had to have it removed. A biopsy of the tumor concluded that the tumor was benign. That’s why I tried to remove it naturally. According to the doctors, an operation was the only way to remove the tumor. Firmly, I decided to try to eliminate the tumor naturally.

I began to inquire about a natural way to remove it. A colleague at work gave me the recipe which has exercised and by which she removed the cysts in the uterus. I had nothing to lose, and I decided to try it. At the same time, I made changes to my diet and started drinking more tea. Three months later, in normal control, I was informed that the tumor had gone.

I set up this site with the intention to help people around the world to live a healthy lifestyle.

My Life With No Drugs is a Lifestyle & Healthy Living Blog that offers health articles, healthy food articles, Healthy lifestyle Tips. Home Remedies ArticlesSelf Improvement ideas, and more which helps people around the world to live a healthy lifestyle. Find out more today.

Most of the home recipes inside My Life With No Drugs cannot be found elsewhere. I believe that we all need to take care of our health and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the full range of healing resources available to us. Most importantly, I urge everyone to be an active participant in his or her health and wellbeing in a truly integrative way.

But no one must rely on the information on My Life With No Drugs as an alternative to medical advice from his or her doctor or another professional healthcare provider. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition or before starting any new treatment, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Proper medical care should always be sought for specific ailments. Never disregard professional medical advice, delay in seeking medical treatment, or discontinue medical treatment due to information obtained on My Life With No Drugs

Any information provided on this Site is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure. This Site is for information purposes only.

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Letter of Collaboration
Between  Dr. Izharul Hasan, Consultant Unani Physician, Ayush wellness center, Rashtrpati Bhavan, New Delhi And  Elizabeta Kuzevska, the owner of website mylifewithnodrugs.com. We would like to formally state that we would work together for improving a healthy lifestyle. Every article which is taken from Dr. Izharul Hasan’s book  “Encyclopedia of Home Remedies to get Healthy Life ” and publish on the website mylifewithnodrugs.com will be written under his name and will be linked to his website http://drizharniumnium123. blogspot.com/ and facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ regimenaltherapy/?ref= bookmarks

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