How to Make Your Care Home Dwelling Feel More Homely

How to Make Your Care Home Dwelling Feel More Homely

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You will be familiar with the popular saying that ‘anywhere you lay your hat is your home’.

Even though moving into a new residence, be that in a care home setting or even when downsizing your private property, can be hard to deal with, there are many ways to personalize your new space.

With this in mind, read on to learn how to make your care home dwelling feel considerably more homely and comfortable.


Invest in an Array of Soft Furnishings

Soft Furnishings

If you imagine your new bedroom to be a blank canvas, then it becomes your job to act as an amateur interior designer and bring in a wide array of different soft furnishings.

Not only are items, such as throws on the couch and blankets on the bed, functional additions to the space, but thick rugs and embroidered cushions will also serve to add warmth, depth, and character.

For a sentimental touch, bring along your old throws from your living room at home and give them a new lease of life.


Indoor Plants


Indoor Plants

If you have always been a keen gardener and are missing your garden, what could be better than bringing a touch of nature to the inside of your space by the addition of indoor plants?

Indoor plants provide a wide plethora of advantages, including the following, to name just a few:

  • A stronger immune system and higher resistance to common colds
  • Purer, cleaner, and fresher air indoors
  • Sharper attention span and increased levels of focus
  • A therapeutic way to calm yourself down as you maintain the plants

Prominent UK Morris Care Homes and their staff members will do everything within their power to not only aid the transition in practical terms but also ensure that everything within their remit you ask for in your new dwellings is accommodated.


Stay in Touch with Technology


Next, if you are not already tech-savvy, then it is time to get up-to-date and invest in either a large-screen tablet or a light laptop computer.

Not only can you stay in touch with world news and the entertainment industry and generally find out the answer to any possible question at the click of the mouse, but you can also utilize video software to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest.

Such applications are especially useful should your grandchildren or long-time friends live too far away for regular visits.


Fill Your Space with Sentiment


Photographs of your family members and friends are also a great addition to a care home setting and are an inexpensive way of ensuring you feel ‘at home’, especially if you take the time to regularly update a photo board in the corner of the room with images of your latest adventures.

Finally, explore your creative prowess and learn how to create colorful paintings or drawings in your free time; if you deem them to be good enough, you could even have them framed and hung on the wall.



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