How To Choose The Best Essential Oils For Your Skin Type

How To Choose The Best Essential Oils For Your Skin Type

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Written by Lily Edelmann  
Beauty  is always a natural thing. But experts found ways to make changes in your beauty in different times. In this world of variations, if you look for something that will make a difference to your skin in a completely natural way, you can try with essential oils.

Essential Oils

There are also variations in essential oils. It is quite straightforward that we choose the one that is targeted at our specific skin problem. However, sometimes situation gets worse due to lack of knowledge about choosing the right essential for the respective type of skin . Below is a guide for you to choose the best-suited oil for your skin type. Let’s go to the comparison straightway.

Essential Oils For Oily Skin:

Linoleic acid is a solution for oily skin. So the essential oils that are rich in this should be chosen if you have oily skin. The oils are rosehip oil, grape seed oil, and evening primrose oil. Since linoleic acid is rich in omega 6, it absorbs oils from the skin quickly. Sometimes, astringent oil can also be best suited for oily skin too in summer as they recover hormonal imbalance and take out extra oil from the skin.

Essential Oils For Dry Skin:

If you have dry skin, it’s a bit easy to choose the best-suited oil as almost all of the essential oils are rich in moisturizing quality. But to be little specific, you can use oils that are rich in oleic acids such as avocado, olive or sweet almond oils. But you need to mix these oils with carrier oils as sometimes using oils alone can be harsh to the skin.

Essential Oils For Sensitive Skin:

You might feel difficulties in selecting the best oil for your sensitive skin. Citrus oil is much suitable for you. But oxidized citrus oil may increase the temperature of your skin. Effects can be minimised by mixing citrus oil with less than 2% lemon, less than 4% grapefruit, and 0.4% bergamot. But dilution must be carried out according to the safety guidelines for a better outcome.

Here is a table to help you gain a better view of it.

Skin TypeEssential Oil
Oily SkinRosehip oil, grape seed oil, evening primrose oil
Dry SkinAlmost all essential oils, e.g. avocado, olive or sweet almond oils (used with carrier oil)
Sensitive SkinDiluted citrus oil used with lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot


Essential Oils For true beauty devotee:

Essentials oils are told to be natural oils by manufacturers, but in reality, it’s not 100% natural. So if you are a natural enthusiast, you may face difficulties. Sometimes they are 70% organic, and sometimes these are diluted with organic acids to increase in volume for company’s benefit. It’s advisable for you to consult with the manufacturer to open up about the origin, botanical name and dilution year to find almost natural oil for you.

Essential Oils For pregnant women:

If you are pregnant and undergoing with some medication, you should consult with aromatherapists about choosing of oil for you since some of the properties of essential oil may have effects on the medicines you are taking.


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