Six mental health benefits of listening to white noise

Six mental health benefits of listening to white noise

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Six mental health benefits of listening to white noise

Have you ever heard of the term white noise? If you search this term on Google, you will get a series of audio recordings that produce a noise similar to that of a spoiled TV or a hairdryer. Who would like to hear a broken TV or a blender running in the background? Believe it or not, the sound produced by these home appliances has an amazing impact on your peace and relaxation.

White noise works in a way that covers or suppresses background sounds and distracts your mind from the unpleasant sounds with more pleasant listening sounds. Something like distracting with a  distraction. More specifically, the word “white” is associated with white light that contains all the colors of light. The white noise itself contains all the frequencies of sounds combined together.

With that being said, white noise can make you feel more relaxed in noisy environments, and thus improve your sleep and mental health. White noise can contribute to your inner peace in many ways, and in the continuation of the text, six benefits from white noise are observed.


1.      White noise for meditation

Meditation has been used for centuries by different cultures in order to help the people create inner peace and balance. Meditation is great for restoring and calming the soul. Combined with white noise, your mind can experience a state of complete peace by calming down the negative thoughts that emerge and take away your positive energy.

Nowadays many apps, such as Jinglow or TMSoft, can provide you with an easy access to white noise and help you in many different ways, including meditation.

The static sound produced by various appliances calms down your thoughts and gives you a better focus while meditating. Just the thought of the waves of the ocean gives a settling feeling, which if used in meditation, can lead you to a deeper state of peace and rest.

2.      Develops mental clarity

It would be ideal if we could reduce the outside sounds like a radio anytime we need peace and quiet. Unfortunately, this is not possible, but we can use certain sounds to our advantage and develop mental clarity. Our brain is powerful enough to hear few sounds at once, but when it comes to more than a thousand sounds at once, then even the most powerful mind cannot recognize them.

White noise has that power to mask the other sounds and make you stay focused and productive. Its power to isolate the other sounds that can cause nervousness and unpleasant emotions will help you stay with a pure mind, focused and without stress.

3.      Helps children study better

Several studies have so far shown an interesting link between white noise, learning and concentration in children. According to one study, the researchers found a connection to white noise and the brain section that corresponds to the dopamine pathway, a neurotransmitter associated with the reward. Furthermore, researchers say that white noise can positively affect people with learning disabilities and attention deficits.

4.      Helps calm hyperactive children

Similar to learning aid, white noise contributes to greater concentration and focus in people with attention deficit disorder (ADHD). According to a study conducted by Dr. Goran Soderlund, white noise has a positive impact on children suffering from ADHD. The research was attended by 51 participants where each of them should remember as many objects as possible from a list read aloud, with and without white noise. According to the research, the children with ADHD had much better results when the white noise was released.

Dr. Soderlund says this research shows that each of us needs different levels of external sounds to function normally.

5.      It helps you sleep better

A healthy sleep is one of the most important things people need for good physical and mental health. The dream, unfortunately, can be disturbed by a variety of causes that can lead to various diseases. One of the reasons for a disturbed dream is certainly a noisy environment. The power of white noise can be applied even if you are having trouble sleeping.

The sound of the trees or the tapping of the raindrops can act very healing and calming. If you do not have the opportunity to spend a certain period of time in nature and enjoy its splendid scents, you can use the therapeutic power of such mobile apps that offer a numerous soothing nature sounds.

6.      Increases productivity

To be as productive as possible, you need deep concentration and good focus. Often, working environments can be noisy and distracting. White noise can also assist you while working, by helping you focus more easily and complete as much of your work obligations as possible.

Several studies have shown that a certain degree of white noise can contribute to an increase in creativity, much like music. Because white noise contributes to increased concentration and better memory and easier learning, consequently this mesmerizing sound also increases productivity.


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