Smokers, Detox Your Living Space with These Tips

Smokers, Detox Your Living Space with These Tips

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By Stella van Lane Contributing Author,a passionate Home Designer  Her top interests are health, yoga, meditation, and interior design.

Cigarette smoke can make your home atmosphere unpleasant, regardless of whether you’re a smoker or not. The best possible solution is to stop smoking inside your house completely. However, since this isn’t always an option, you can try out some of these effective tips to detox your home and fill it with fresh air and a beautiful aroma.

Let your space air out

One of the simplest ways to get rid of cigarette smoke is to open your doors and windows and let your space air out. It’s advisable that you do this as often as possible because it will let the fresh air in and make your home less stuffy. You can achieve even better results if you place fans strategically throughout your home. For instance, you can air out even the corners of a room if you point one or two fans in their direction. You can also turn your fans towards the windows and doors to eliminate stale air.

Use air fresheners

If you don’t have enough time to air out your space completely, you should add some air fresheners to mask the smell. For instance, if you have unexpected visitors, you can simply introduce air fresheners to create a more aromatic atmosphere. This is also a great solution to fill your space with a pleasant fragrance throughout the entire day. You can get an air freshener which sprays out a scented mist of perfume that will spread through your home.

Introduce plenty of plants

Not only are houseplants stylish accessories that will liven up your space immediately, but they will help you purify your indoor air from toxins, including cigarette smoke. Beautiful indoor plants will release fresh oxygen while absorbing allergens and toxins. When choosing houseplants for your interior, you should focus on the most detoxifying ones. Some of the most popular and effective plants include Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Parlour Palm and Devil’s Ivy. What’s even better is the fact that most of these plants are low-maintenance and pretty resistant, so you can easily grow them even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Get air purifiers

Although airing out your home and introducing detoxifying plants are great ways to remove cigarette odor from your home, you should still obtain the best air purifier for smokers there is for an even better effect. This type of air purifiers contains effective HEPA filters that can remove even up to 99,9 % of smoke particles form your indoor air. By introducing these air purifiers along with houseplants, you’ll be able to increase your indoor air quality significantly. Consequently, your home will be airier, more open and enjoyable for both you and your visitors.

Try out some natural fragrances

Until you remove cigarette odor from your home completely, you can try out different fragrances to mask the smell. However, it’s always advisable to go with homemade solutions or products based on natural ingredients. For instance, you can light scented candles made of beeswax for a sweet, healthy aroma. You can also place coffee grounds around your home to absorb the odor and fill your space with the energizing aroma. Using vanilla extract is also a fragrant solution that will let a sweet scent permeate your house.

Prepare some homemade deodorizers

There are plenty of solutions that you can try to deodorize your space. For instance, if your piece of furniture has absorbed cigarette smell, you can sprinkle baking soda on it and let it absorb the odor. Afterward, you just need to vacuum the piece of furniture in question. If you can still smell cigarette odor, you just need to repeat the process.
Boiling apple cider vinegar or white vinegar can also help you deodorize your home. After boiling it, you can just let vinegar diffuse throughout your home and neutralize the smell. Another possible way to use vinegar is to mix it with warm water and use the mixture to clean your furniture, floors, countertops, walls and other affected areas. This will undoubtedly remove cigarette smell, but you may notice that some parts of your home smell like vinegar afterward. For this issue, you can just scrub in some baking soda and wash it with a cloth after a while.

By removing cigarette smoke from your home, you’ll be able to create a fresh, clean and fragrant atmosphere.

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Stella van Lane is a passionate Home Designer from Sydney. She’s also a writer in love with coffee, chocolate, music, books and good vibes. Her top interests are health, yoga, meditation and interior design.

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