What to Eat Before and After Every Kind of Workout

What to Eat Before and After Every Kind of Workout

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what to eat before & after of every kind of workout.

When you start to undertake a new workout campaign, one of the most important changes you make is dietary. While you can work out as much as you want, nothing will help you to get into healthy shape quite like eating properly. You can do all of the workouts that you want; if you keep living on fried foods and take-out meals, you won’t lose a pound!

So, it’s time to make a conscious change to both your diet and your workout regimes. If you would like to make sure changes to the way that you live, then we recommend that you try and eat the following foods either before or after work.

If you do this, you are much more likely to start seeing lasting results. Also, remember that you need to stay hydrated: if you choose to drink more water, you can fight off those hunger pangs and cravings.


  • Bread and jelly. A fine meal to help give you the energy needed to kick through your workout, you should soon find that bread and jelly is a fine alternative to many other recommended meals.
  • Oatmeal With Low-Fat Milk and Fruit. Slow-releasing energy from the oatmeal mixed with the calcium from the milk, and the nutrition of the fruit, will help you to be more than ready for the challenges ahead.
  • Fruit-and-Yogurt Smoothie. Good energy within the yogurt and the fruit will offer you the sugars needed to get you through your workout without having to feel needlessly drained. A fine choice for anyone who enjoys fruit pre-workout but wants to help make it a bit easier to get down without taking too long.
  • Trail Mix. Trail mix is loaded with various positive nutrients and minerals, not least a whole host of healthy fats. You will give your body lots of slow-releasing energy for the workout, whilst also empowering your body and your muscles by using the right kind of nutritional kick that is needed.
  • Low-Fat Latte and an Apple. A latte is good to help give you that bit of extra kick for the workout, while an apple is good for some pre-workout fiber and to help give you a slow release of energy as you begin to pick up the pace; an excellent combination for boosting energy during workouts.
  • A source of pure energy, bananas are loaded with positive nutrients – including magnesium – to help you get into a good mindset for a workout. They offer you wonderful amounts of energy, and it should help you to work through even the most challenging workouts as it slowly refills you.

  • Egg and Whole-Wheat Toast. Great for giving the body plenty of protein on a slow releasing bread that should leave you feeling healthy, happy and topped up after your workout.
  • Chocolate Milk. Great for adding protein and calcium to the body, whilst giving you a little sweet treat that should not be too heavy in sugar. It’s good for making sure you can enjoy a bit of relaxation whilst giving your muscles a low impact solution to aid with post workout recovery.
  • Whole-Grain Turkey Wrap. Turkey is among the leanest of meats, and is definitely up there with the best foods to eat after a workout. The wholegrain bread is nutritious and slow releasing too, helping you to boost protein intake and stave off late night hunger pangs to avoid any desire to snack later.
  • Greek Yogurt and Fruit. A fine blend that suits just about any post work-out eating program, you will find that this makes a fine choice for helping you to keep the snacking down and to help get your body a nice helping of protein to help with muscle fiber recovery and rejuvenation of the body.
  • Chicken, Brown Rice, and Veggies. Three staples of a strong post workout meal, though, is a mix of vegetables, chicken, and brown rice. This works well together as they are nutritious and enjoyable, but they also offer you a fine choice for something a touch more wholesome than you might be used to.

Of course, you could always turn to a sports drink before, during and after your workout. From workout milkshakes loaded with protein to sports drinks which offer you the glucose needed to hit your proverbial finish line, many options exist. Working with a happy rotation on any of the above, though, should provide positive results and help you to care for your diet as much as your workout regime. Both are linked, so make sure you adjust your diet alongside your lifestyle.

Jessica Max is the community manager at hydration calculator. She is a fitness writer. She uses her training to help other women struggling to get fit in mid-life. When not working, Jessica enjoys cycling and swimming.

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