Argan Oil – Benefits For Hair And Skin

Argan Oil – Benefits For Hair And Skin

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Argan oil has made a splash over the past decade as one of the best natural ways to nourish one’s hair and skin. Many chemical-conscious consumers are using argan oil to replace some of their traditional moisturizers with long, terrifying ingredient lists.

If you’ve been considering investing in a bottle of additive-free, pure argan oil, here are some of the benefits you’ll experience by taking the plunge.

Leave-In Conditioner

Argan oil acts as a leave-in conditioner, providing continuous nourishment to the hair long after your shower has ended. This powerful product helps moisturize hair, reducing split ends and making your hair softer, shinier, and easy to manage. If your hair is sensitive to humidity, you’ll enjoy the frizz-reduction as well.

Fewer Products Required

One of the barriers that deter people when perusing the argan oil shop is the price tag attached to the product. Yes, argan oil is costly, but it comes with the added benefit of requiring fewer product purchases. As argan oil is so versatile as both a treatment and styling product for hair, as well as a moisturizer for skin, you’ll be buying fewer products. Rather than shopping for a conditioner, shine enhancer, face moisturizer, and body lotion, you’ll only be spending money on one product.

There are other benefits to requiring fewer products as well. You’ll be exposing your hair and skin to fewer additives and preservatives, as well as fewer layers of product that could ultimately block the pores. This reduces the often negative side-effect of using otherwise beneficial products.

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Improve Skin Elasticity and Reduce Dryness

Deep moisturization of the skin using argan oil will help improve skin elasticity. For pregnant women, this could mean the reduction or prevention of stretch marks. This benefit also helps offset the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, without filler-ridden creams or cosmetic procedures.

Argan oil can help reduce seasonal dryness and keep skin feeling soft and supple, even in the winter months. Its absorbability makes it more effective than creams and lotions.

No Residue

While many use coconut oil as a more accessible alternative to argan oil, there’s one benefit that argan oil has above all others: no greasy residue. This product isn’t a wax that coats the hair, giving it the illusion of being sleek and shiny while weighing it down. Once you rub it into your hair or skin it absorbs into the tissue and starts doing its job rather than sitting on the surface.

Not only does the absorption and lack of residue help the product work better than its alternatives, but it also means less pore blockage and fewer breakouts as a result.

Nails and Eyelashes

We rarely consider nails and eyelashes to fall under the umbrella of hair and skin care, but they do. Applying argan oil to the eyelashes can help keep them moisturized and supple, preventing dry eyes and lash loss. This also creates lubrication when applying mascara, reducing clumps and improving lash separation.

Nails need love too. Applying argan oil helps restore your nails, especially if you often wear polish or gel nails. This will promote nail growth and strength.

Argan oil benefits the body in many ways. By using this amazing product daily, you can improve how your hair and skin looks and feels.

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