5 Types of Conditions That Need to Be Treated by A Podiatrist

5 Types of Conditions That Need to Be Treated by A Podiatrist

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Who is a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist, also known as a chiropodist, takes care of any disease of the feet and their ailments. The name was coined from the Greek word of pous pod- meaning foot and “iatros” meaning healer. There are different conditions like a bunion or a hammertoe that needs treatment and we do not know who to go to. This is when we seek help from a podiatrist in particular. They are medical specialists and their branch of medicine refers to feet. 

#1. Corns

Corn is small lumps of dark and hard skin that grows on the top of the normal skin of the foot. Usually corns, calluses can be seen on the feet, toes, and hands. They can be tender when pricked and also be painful. Even though in most cases it again arises and comeback. This when a doctor’s advice is necessary. Your podiatrist is going to help you solve this problem and give remedies either medicinal or homely that would help you take care of the problem.

#2. Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a very common disease and is a fungal infection in particular. The symptoms often include itchy and white patches between the toes. They manifest into sore and flaky patches that are often red in color. It does not necessarily affect just the toes but also the sides of your feet or even the soles. They are filled with white fluid and blisters. This is a disease when a podiatrist might be able to prescribe you medicines and may help you with remedies such as creams, sprays, and powders to heal the disease.


#3. Flat Feet

Flat feet, often known as fallen arches are a genetic condition that makes your entire feet to press flat on the ground. Even though the condition is not something to worry about, one might have problems with shoes that do not feet. In such cases, a podiatrist is going to help understand and acknowledge the issue and, in many cases, even guide you on the shoes that might be helpful for you. Your podiatrist would tell you the symptoms such as problems in walking or balancing, the probability of injuries increases, it often affects just one foot and you might have stiffness and pain in the foot.

#4. Bunions

Bunions may include hard lumps on the sides of the feet and the big toe points in the direction of the small toes. There is often red and swollen skin over the lump. In such case, one should not wear high heels or tiny and pointy shoes. The podiatrist should be able to give you more remedies and help you with such a condition.


#5. Smelly Feet

Often a smelly foot is not a concern on part of the health, but it could arise from other underlying causes. One should always refer to a podiatrist in case of smelly feet as it could be an unpleasant condition to live with and for others. The main cause of a smelly foot in most cases is wearing the same shoes and socks every day as the feet tend to sweat within the humidity within the shoes. A podiatrist is going to be able to provide remedies to cure such a condition or deal with it with products such as a powder or an ointment.

Just like eye check-ups, dental check-ups, and health check-ups, a check-up of the feet is also a necessary checkup which we certainly avoid due to the lack of knowledge. This is why it necessary to know what conditions would require us to go to a podiatrist.


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