Bad habits ruining your kid’s teeth 

Bad habits ruining your kid’s teeth 

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bad oral habits in childrenbad oral habits in children

As a parent, it is exciting to watch your baby grow from one stage of life to the other. It makes you feel good and urges you to become a more responsible person.  From the time your baby learns how to walk, have teeth which helps him chew and eat, he may develop habits that may be harmful to his/her teeth. Through your parental guidance, your baby is able to differentiate what is good and bad for their teeth. In this article we will briefly discuss the bad habits that will damage your baby’s teeth. Take time to look at each one of them so that you will be in a position to help your kids now or in the future.

Chewing on hard objects

Chewing on hard items such as ice, sucker, “jawbreakers” among others may be dangerous. Children don’t really think about the consequences of chewing on everything they come across. This can lead to fractured teeth. Also, crunching on sweet hard candies can lead to the formation of bacteria that cause tooth decay because of their sugar content. Periodontal diseases are common in children hence there is need to prevent them.

Brushing their teeth too hard

Some kids brush their teeth too hard which is not appropriate. Brushing with a lot of force can damage the tooth and root surface leading to gum recession. Parents should teach their kids from their young age how to brush their teeth gently so that all the plaque formed between their teeth will be removed. Buying the softest toothbrush for your child is a great idea. These brushes help perfectly to eliminate the plaque formation that leads to cavities and gum disease.

Biting their nails

Most babies begin biting their nails at young age. This habit can lead to fractures and chipping of the front teeth. It is important to restrict them from biting their nails by either painting on bad tasting nail polish or keeping their hands busy with something like a ball when they get upset.

Eating sweets all the time

We all know that sugar attracts the bacteria that cause tooth decay. If your kid loves eating sweets all the time, they are increasing the chances of having tooth decay. You should advise your children to eat healthy snacks such as celery and carrots. Make sure that they brush their teeth gently at least twice in a day.

Eating and running with objects in their mouth

Some kids have a habit of running with items in their mouth. A child can trip and fall and in this case, having a sharp object in the mouth can tear their gums or the roof of their mouth. It may take time for their gum to heal and the pain is so uncomfortable. Running with items in the mouth expose a child to oral damage which is dangerous.

Sucking their thumb and fingers

Some kids continue sucking their fingers as they get older. This is a bad habit that can lead to distortion of their upper and lower arches of the mouth. In addition, your kid’s teeth may become “buckled”. You should ensure that this habit stops because it can be dangerous for their teeth.

Chewing sugar bubble gums and other sweet gums

Almost all kids like chewing on gums that have high sugar content. As we have said before, the bacteria that cause tooth decay love sugar. You should make sure that your kids are chewing on sugar-free gums to avoid tooth cavities and another gum disease.

It is the duty of a parent to ensure that your baby drops all the bad habits as they grow older. You should offer good parental guidance so that they know which are good and bad habits. With this, you will reduce the chances of their teeth getting damaged.

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