Best Skincare: Head-To-Toe Skin care Guide for Winter

Best Skincare: Head-To-Toe Skin care Guide for Winter

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by Meighan Sembrano
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When winter hits, most of us shatter when we remember the drastic changes it makes on our skins.  Dry skin, chapped lips, cracked heels and dry hands are but some of these changes. I don’t have to mention how it restricts people to indoor activities.But winter doesn’t have to be this dreadful. There are things you can do to make the season feel like any other season. They will help you take care of your skin from head to toe. Below, you will find a skin care guide for better winters.

Face- Keep it moisturized

The skin around the face is most sensitive during winter. If skin care is not taken, this is the time that it will be susceptible to significant damages. It will feel drier than ever.

To counter this, ensure you cleanse it before sleeping and lather it on lots of winter skin care creams afterward. Use soap-free non-foaming mild cleansers to retain the skin’s natural oils.

Remember that the sun’s UV rays are still present so you should apply sunscreen (with the correct SPF) whenever you step outside. This way, the skin is protected from sunburns, facial wrinkles, and premature aging.

Also, avoid skin lightening creams or creams that contain anti-aging ingredients during this time as they make the skin drier.

Lips- Keep it Soft & Beautiful



Drinking lots of water is the best way to make the lips remain soft and beautiful. Don’t forget to add lots of vitamin C to your diet. In addition, give your lips a scrub especially before sleep and apply a good moisturizer. This way, they won’t crack or get chapped.

Carry a moisturizer with you wherever you are to reduce the temptation of licking lips or picking the flakes. These two habits will only make the situation worse and thus should be avoided.

Hair Care- Maintain it in a Healthy Way

 Cold temperatures and lack of humidity make the hair frizzy and dry. To ensure this doesn’t happen, apply oil and condition hair frequently. Also, ensure your hair is covered whenever you step outside.

Alternatively, you can invest in a good hair supplement like foligen or a spray that protects the hair from severe weather conditions and gives it that lively look.

When you blow dry, ensure you use a shield to prevent splitting ends.  Don’t forget to massage the scalp with one the essential oils to keep it moisturized. Almond oil will also remove dark circles under the eyes.

Body Skin Care – Protect your skin, the different way

 Hot bathtubs and steamer showers should be avoided as they trigger dryness on the skin even more. This is because they deprive the skin of its natural oils. Use lukewarm water when taking a bath and reduce the time that you spend in the shower.

After patting the skin dry, apply organic oil to a body scrub or body lotion immediately. This way the moisture is looked in and the surface radiates from this.

To protect the skin, even more, the underclothing should be made from cotton and ensure you keep warm all through.

In the spirit of keeping warm during this time, wrap a warm, soft scarf around the neck. Lack of humidity triggers dryness even when you are indoors. Use a humidifier to reduce this effect, but you should monitor the temperatures to avoid overheating.

Legs- Keep your Dead Skin Away



For starters, ensure that your legs remain shaved all through. By doing so, you keep dead skin cells away and gives you that fantastic look when you wear short clothes. No one wants to see hairy legs.


The feet will be prone to drying out and cracking during this time so you should take extra care.  To start with, slather them with a moisturizer and wear soft, warm socks to lock in the moisture. Use a good scrub or a pumice stone on them to remove the dead skin cells.

Hands- Prevent it with super awesome options

Hands hold the secret behind our ages. Want to know how old a person is- look at their hands; the story is right there. Anyways, winter time makes the hands drier and rougher.

To prevent this, use soap-free cleansers and the sanitizers should be alcohol-free. Use a moisturizer immediately after washing.

Wear cotton gloves to lock the moisture in and keep the hands soft. In the case of elbows and knees, use a hydrating scrub of them e.g. sugar and honey scrub.


 Follow the above guide for a gorgeous shiny skin during winter. Important to note is the most tips given above will be used on the outside.  A glowing look will be achieved by more than that. For example, you will need to avoid foods that are high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats and take on a healthy diet.

Exercise some more and get rid of harmful habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking. Smoking, for example, takes a toll on your skin, lips and your overall health. Honestly, there is nothing you gain from it.

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