The Fundamentals of Hair Health

The Fundamentals of Hair Health

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Let me just start by saying this; all hair gets damaged, it is only a matter of determining how bad your hair is going to get wrecked. Hair health follows these simple rules that if incorporated into your routine could do a lot to boost the shine and endurance of your hair.

Don’t Wash your Hair that Often.

I know, you might be thinking to yourself that it is unhygienic, but it has actually been proven that water swells up the hair cuticles, forcing them up and if continuous, then water can cause a lot of breakage in your hair.

At the very most, wash your hair two or three times a week, and when you do wash it, comb the wet hair with care as it is easier to break.

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You are going to cut back on the number of times you wash your hair, so invest in some good dry shampoo because that will keep your hair health up. Using dry shampoo instead of washing not only allows your hair to retain all the moisture it needs, but it also refreshes the hair as necessary.

Watch Your Products

In as much as you should find some good dry shampoo, go about this very carefully.

Hair health is influenced by a lot of factors, and a few of the elements that directly affect your hair can be found in the products you use. Try shampoos that have strengthening proteins in them and have little to no detergents added.

When cleaning your hair, please make sure you rinse all the product residue out, and to do so, use a cleansing conditioner with superior properties. If the residue stays in your hair, it causes it to lose flexibility and break.

Protect your hair when swimming

Chlorine is damaging to your hair, so when swimming, either wet and condition your hair before and after; or wear a swimming cap.

Foods that Improve Hair Health

Like with most conditions directly linked to the body, the state of your hair can almost always come down to what you eat.

Your hair needs a lot of essential nutrients to grow and stay strong. It needs proteins from foods like eggs, iron from leafy vegetables, Vitamin C from citrus fruits, and it needs Omega-3 fatty acids.

It is important to include whole grains in your diet to provide the body with biotin; a component that helps maintain hair health.

Carrots can give you the much-needed vitamin A, and we all know about vitamin E providing avocados and hair. Take these diet tips into account.

There are a lot of other tips that you can apply to your day to day activities and protect your hair from damage. It does not take much to have healthy hair, but it requires for you to be invested in the affair.

Most people lose between 100 and 150 strands of their hair daily, so if you comb your head and a small bunch of your hair comes right off, don’t be alarmed.

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The Fundamentals of Hair Health

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