How to Get Perfect Hair: Seven Secrets to Having a Good Hair Day

How to Get Perfect Hair: Seven Secrets to Having a Good Hair Day

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How to Get Perfect Hair : Seven Secrets to Having a Good Hair Day #hair #secrets #having #perfecthair #today #life #time #love #idea #shorthair #causeHair Braid. Beautiful Woman with Healthy Long Hair

If you ever treated yourself to a day at the salon, you know how good it feels to walk out of there with perfect hair. The only problem with salons is that they make you pay out of your nose, so if you are tired of spending $100 every two weeks on hair treatment, then here are seven easy answers to the questions of how to get perfect hair.

All you have to pay for these remedies is probably already in your pantry. So don’t make that salon appointment just yet because unlike all those other home remedies for hair, the ones listed here factor in the harsh conditions that your hair goes through; from the harsh, drying sun to the chewing gum you accidentally got stuck in there.

How to get Perfect Hair with Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are a constant reader of this blog, or any health blog for that matter then you will know how essential it is to have Apple Cider Vinegar handy. Here is how to give your hair some additional bounce and shine using the ingredient.
– Mix a cup of the vinegar with 1 cup of water.
– You can choose to increase the quantities, but maintain the ratio
– Thoroughly wash your hair and apply the ACV mixture afterward
– Leave it for about 10 minutes.

– Rinse your hair


Someone in our household probably has one or two cans of beer after work, but did you know that it can be used for much more than getting you through a football game? Here is how to get perfect hair with beer.

– Pour some beer into a spray bottle
– Wash your hair and spray some on before you blow-dry
– Don’t worry, the blow-dryer heat should cover the smell and leave you with shinier, softer hair with just a little more Vitamin B


When it comes to the hair game, avocado is one ingredient that will never have an equal, well, maybe apart from eggs.
– You can use the ingredient on its own or mix with honey or yogurt
– Apply to your head while massaging the scalp
– Cover your head for thirty minutes

– Rinse out the mixture


 Speaking of eggs, there has never been a simpler way to get your hair shinier and softer.
– Combine either three eggs with some honey and olive oil, or you can mix them with yogurt and some almond oil
– Apply either mixture to your hair

– Cover for half an hour, shampoo, and rinse


This ingredient barely needs an introduction, so with that said, here is how to get perfect hair with honey:
– Apply 1/2 a cup of the ingredient to your already washed but still damp hair
– Leave it for twenty minutes on your covered hair

– Rinse you hair

Hot Oil

Why tap into your life savings for a hot oil treatment in an expensive salon when you can do it at home?
You will need some natural oil; either coconut, almond, olive, or castor oil.
– You can use either of the oils or mix them together
– Using low heat, warm the oil but make sure it is not too hot for your scalp
– Massage the oil into your scalp

– Cover your hair for half an hour and rinse


Apply mayo to your hair, cover for 30 minutes before rinsing off.

Try these simple remedies at home today and thank me later.

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