Living With Greater Integrity

Living With Greater Integrity

Living With Greater Integrity

Integrity is the type of concept that everyone knows, but sometimes struggle to understand. We know that we want to have integrity, and we know we want to work with people who have it. But, we sometimes get lost on how to do it. While living a life of integrity isn’t always easy; it is simple.

If you want to embrace integrity in your life, follow these nine tips

  1. Know Your Values

A big part of integrity is true to your morals and values. If you never take the time to define these things, it is hard (if not impossible) to be true to them. Take some time to brainstorm the values that are important for you.


  1. Strive for Honesty

One of the most important aspects of integrity is honesty. You can’t claim to live with integrity if you are regularly telling lies. If you find yourself in a spot where you feel you have to lie, try to say nothing instead.


  1. Keep Your Promises

A promise isn’t something to be thrown around lightly. If you promise something to someone, you must try your best to make it a reality. If you are the type of person who promises big things but never delivers, then no one will take you seriously.


  1. Show More Compassion

I know we live in a dog eat dog world, but there is nothing weak about showing some compassion. If you are trying to live a life of greater integrity, treating others with respect and empathy should be the norm.


  1. Show Up on Time

If you tell someone you are going to show up, then do it! In fact, not only should you show up to your appointments, you should be there on time. Wasting someone else’s time and energy is a surefire sign of a lack of integrity.


  1. Stand For Something

We don’t all have to be social justice warriors, but you should have a cause (or a few) that you feel strong enough to stand up for. This shows that you care about important things, have a backbone, and are true to your values. These are all characteristics of someone with integrity.


  1. Don’t Follow the Crowd.

It is often easier to follow the crowd. That said, it isn’t the right thing to do if you want to showcase your integrity. If you believe in what the majority is saying, that is one thing. But if you have strong feelings about something, don’t be quieted just because you are in the minority. In this way, you will build your self esteem too


  1. Avoid People Lacking Integrity

It might not be fair, but who you spend time with is often a reflection of who you are. If you want to live a life of greater integrity, why would you spend time with people who so obviously lack it?


  1. Be Humble

There is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself. There isn’t even anything wrong with tooting your own horn once in a while. That said, people with integrity don’t feel the need to scream about their accomplishments (or worse, embellish them) always.





Take some time to define your values right now. What is important to you? What do you truly believe in?


Make a list of the people in your life that you interact with regularly. Do any of these people suffer a severe lack of integrity? Consider how you might limit interactions with them.


Choose a cause near and dear to your heart. This cause should fit in with the values you brainstormed earlier. Figure out a way that you can support this cause and take the first steps towards doing so.


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