6 Keys to Success

6 Keys to Success

6 Keys to Success

No matter what goal you have, Those who have success share some things in common. This has been validated by research into high performers by places like the High Performance Institute. The good news is that all of these things are completely in your control. No one is born to be a high performer, they get there by improving themselves in these 6 areas.

6 Keys to Success

1. Clarity

Those who achieve their goals are very clear about what they want to achieve and why they want to achieve it. You have to have a destination in order to plot a course to get there. If the destination is unclear or keeps changing, then you lose focus and motivation. They have measurable goals. Don’t set goals like “make more money”. Instead, set goals like “make $2,000 per month by the end of this year.”

2. Energy

High performers have high levels of energy to allow them to put forth great levels of effort and enthusiasm. That means you have to get a certain amount of sleep, eat healthy, and get regular exercise. The vision of the high performer who eats pizza while sitting at their computer in the middle of the night is not accurate. You can grind for short periods, but sustained effort requires you to take care of yourself.

3. Necessity

People are inherently lazy. Nature conditions us to expend only enough energy to accomplish what MUST be done. High performers have the ability to take what they WANT and put it on the MUST Be Done list. Success in their goals is a necessity. You need to be able to increase the necessity of the things you want and trick your brain into doing whatever it takes to achieve them.

If your doctor told you that you had to lose 20 pounds in the next 60 days or you would die, then you would find a way to do it. If someone put a gun to your head and told you to create a website in the next 24 hours, you would figure it out. If you want something bad enough, then it becomes a necessity.

4. Productivity

There is always a faster way to accomplish a task. You have to focus on how to turn out the most quality output for the time you spend. Maybe you need to learn some new skills, like touch typing if you are a one finger typist. Maybe you need a faster computer, better internet connection, or second computer monitor. You also have to ensure that the things you are focusing your attention on are the ones that are moving your forward the quickest. You need to minimize distractions and avoid shiny object syndrome.

5. Influence

To be a high performer, you have to be working to increase your influence with other people. No one achieves success in a vacuum. You need to build relationships with those who can help you. You need to help others accomplish what they want. The whole concept of building an email list or a following on social media is part of building influence.

6. Courage

You have to increase your courage to face the obstacles and challenges that there are along the journey to your goals. Courage is what it takes to get outside of the comfort zone and do the new activities that will lead to new results. We all find it scary and difficult. You need to do it anyway.


Which of these 6 factors do you think that you need to focus on? Which is holding you back from your success?

1. Are you not exactly sure of what you want or how to achieve it?

2. Do you lack the physical energy to get up early with the drive to work hard?

3. Do you feel like your goals are “nice to haves”, but not necessary?

4. Are you focused on how to get your key tasks done faster and at a higher quality?

5. Are you taking steps each day to increase your influence and relationships?

6. Are you overcoming your fear and getting outside the comfort zone on a daily basis?



If so you must take an action.  Take a time and answer  yourself the questions below.

  • What do I really want? Just for myself.

  • What has to happen in order to create change?

  • What steps of inspired action am I willing to take?

  • How much pain will I experience if I don’t change?

  • How can I be of service?

Write the answers in the journey to keep a record of how you feel.
Once you’ve written down how you feel create a plan what actions you will take to focus on the factors which are holding you back.  Check back in with yourself on a regular basis to make sure you’re taking proper action.


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