Everything You Need To Know About Keratoconus, And It’s Important Facts

Everything You Need To Know About Keratoconus, And It’s Important Facts

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Keratoconus is the word which is derived from the Latin and Greek word where ‘Kerato’ implies cornea while ‘conus’ means shaped in a cone. Keratoconus is a progressive, bilateral, and non-inflammatory condition relating to the cornea. The condition results in myopic astigmatism. 1 out of 2000 people is affected by it. We cannot say whether males suffer more than women but, people between 10 and 30 years of age are its victims.

When there is any progressive thinning of the cornea, the condition is called Keratoconus. Some of the symptoms of this condition are double vision, blurred vision, astigmatism, nearsightedness. If the condition is severe, there may also develop a circle or scar in the cornea. When it comes to the causes of this condition, it may result from endocrine as well as genetic factors. Environmental factors might also result in this. There can be eye allergy, consistent itching in the eyes. The shape of the cornea gets transformed into a conical shape. The use of a soft contact lens and glass can help to correct this eye condition.

What are the various causes of Keratoconus?

KeratoconusSymptoms of Keratoconus differ by the severity of the condition. You won’t be able to wear contact lenses, and there will also be frequent changes in the power of glass. Itching and eye irritation is pretty common here. The following can be some of the causes of this eye condition:

  • When there is a defect in eye collagen, the result may be Keratoconus. You already know that collagen makes the cornea of the eyes.
  • The cause may also be genetic. If your near relative suffers from Keratoconus, you may have it. Nearly 8% of the people suffering from it have relatives having it too.
  • It is more common among those who suffer from existing medical conditions. If you have some allergic conditions, you are more likely to have it.
  • Excessive rubbing of the eyes can also lead to

How severe can it be?

Keratoconus can be mild, moderate, advanced, or severe. If you show any of the symptoms of Keratoconus, visit an eye specialist immediately. In severe conditions, the readings go up to 62D in both the meridians. This is a cause for concern. The shape of the cornea can be Nipple Cone, Globus Cone or even Oval Cone. Impaired vision is the earliest symptom.

The various treatment options

Keratoconus.No matter how severe the eye condition, there are treatment options. If it is in the early stages, one can use spectacles. The use of spectacles may rectify myopia astigmatism that is associated with Keratoconus. Then, there are various options in contact lenses:

  • A soft contact lens is very helpful in the initial stages. However, it is not meant for advanced stages of an eye It cannot rectify irregular astigmatism.
  • RGP or Rigid Gas Permeable Contact lens is used when a soft contact lens fails to deliver results. When the condition is at the advanced stage, the cornea gets irregular while the vision is not focused. For visual correctness and visual acuity, RGP is used.
  • Piggyback contact lens gives an ideal fitting of RGP
  • To delay surgery and in advanced stages, Boston Sclera Contact Lens is used. The design and the making are such that it fits the cornea shape quite well.

Surgery is the last option when everything else fails to work. If the vision can’t be corrected, take medical help. Although the condition does not cause complete blindness, it may cause significant vision impairment. It is important to treat any of the eye allergies as soon as possible.

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