The Benefits of Pilates for Weight Loss

The Benefits of Pilates for Weight Loss


Weight loss! A mission that each and everyone in this world is trying to accomplish these days. Yet all of them have a different method to accomplish this difficult mission. Some people try lemon tea, and some try cold brew coffee, some join the gym and indulge in exercises like Pilates and some strengthen their walking game or their dieting game. Options like cold brew coffee and Pilates remain successful, and people lose weight in a rather small amount of time than the options like lemon tea or a walk. Let’s discuss how these effective methods like cold brew coffee and Pilates work helping you to lose weight and are better than other options.

Cold Brew Coffee Vs. Iced Coffee:
There are several types of coffees served at famous coffee shops today. Cappuccino, Americano, Latte, Iced Coffee, Macho, Nitro Coffee and more, but none of them can be considered the same as one another because of their combination with milk and other ingredients. In addition to all this, at times, their brewing technique differs as well. Anyone who doesn’t know much about coffee can think of Cold Brew Coffee as Iced Coffee, overlooking the difference between the two. When Iced Coffee is all about a normal everyday coffee served in ice, cold brew coffee has a rather difficult and different brewing technique. The coffee beans are soaked in cold water for 12 to 24 hours, and this is how they taste from the beans slip into the water, and the coffee is brewed without application of heat.

Cold Brew Coffee and Weight Loss:

Cold Brew Coffee has more caffeine than any other type of coffee. Experts say that a 16-ounce cup of cold brew has around 200 mg of caffeine (if not diluted). Due to this huge amount of caffeine, you feel charged to do some extensive workout without any chances of burning out. Even when you are done exercising, the amount of caffeine remains in your body and detoxes it. This results in breaking of calories even after minutes of completing exercises.  Normal coffee affects your body in the same manner, but the post-exercise calories breaking time is lesser in normal coffee due to the lesser amount of caffeine. Imagine losing weight while sitting on your couch watching a fun-filled Madrid match. Cold brew coffee has that kind of effect on your body where you lose weight while sitting or even sleeping peacefully. But which type of workout does one prefer to lose weight as soon as possible?


Pilates is more like Yoga, where the mind and the body combine to extract maximum energy out of your body and transfer it to your mind for better performance. The exercise includes external factors like specially designed equipment, body weight and gravity. Pilates is the exercise that teaches the mind to maintain the awareness of the movement in your body and is essential for better movement control.
If we look at the history and discovery of this exercise, the exercise was originally introduced by a German, named Joseph Pilates, who initially suffered through diseases like asthma rheumatic fever and rickets. It is believed that he overcame his body weaknesses with this exercise of Pilates and lived a healthy happily-ever-after life since then. He even ended up living the life of a self-defence instructor, boxer and circus performer. During the First World War, he was assigned to work with the injured soldiers who were unable to walk due to their injuries. The exercise of Pilates is developed since then and has helped people rehabilitating and conditioning their bodies instead of being the slaves of their diseases or wounds.

Pilates and Weight Loss:The exercise of Pilates has many benefits, including strength gaining, muscle toning, gaining awareness about your body, increasing core stability and even weight loss, and we will focus on losing weight today. Pilates allows you to lose weight by boosting your metabolism and cutting off calories.
If you are at the beginner level, a 50-minute Pilates mat class can help you lose around 175 calories. In contrast to this, if the level is advanced, then the calories that you lose after a 50-minutes Pilates’ class may increase to 254 or even 300. Quite a chunk of fat lost, isn’t it? But what if we tell you that you can achieve much more than losing just 300 calories? If you indulge in Pilate’s reformer class or any other Pilates class, which pushes your hearts to increase, you can lose more than even 300 calories per day. Now, if you indulge in Pilates twice or thrice each week, how many calories will you be losing in a month? Around 3,600 calories in a month and it takes losing 3,500 calories if you want to lose a pound of weight.

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