6 Major Reasons To Lose Weight

6 Major Reasons To Lose Weight

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By Jasmine Anderson, Contributing author, lifestyle and beauty blogger

Losing only a few pounds might not sound like a big deal, but it surely upgrades your state of mind and gets you thinking about other life change. However, dropping more than 100 pounds can be a real life and health twister. There are numerous reasons why you should lose weight, especially if you have been struggling with obesity and excessive weight. Here are the essential and life-changing reasons for losing weight.

6 Major Reasons To Lose Weight

1. Improved heart condition

The most important muscle and organ in the organism can get tangled with fat if you are morbidly obese. Even slightly higher fat rate in your system can deteriorate and weaken this organ’s job. No matter how much weight you lose it can only bring benefits to your cardiovascular system. Many overweight patients are actually at risk of dying due to heart diseases, especially from high blood pressure than any other patients. Losing weight consequently improves your blood pressure, stops any coronary heart conditions and minimizes the chances of getting a stroke.

2. Body inflammation

Many believe that fat is mostly saturated around the abdomen and tights, but it is spread all around the body. There are a healthy amount of fat cells necessary for producing hormones, all other fat cells that grow large and multiple only weakens the body. And there is where inflammation and swelling problems arise. Inflammatory agents cause redness around belly fat and arthritis. So by losing weight, you will reduce the arthritis pain and your body will stop generating inflammation.

3. Reduced diabetes

The body will be able to produce enough insulin even if you are obese, but many cells will become resistant to insulin’s activity. This is a serious issue since nothing harms the body more than chronic blood sugar level and diabetes. For extreme cases, and those who are having troubles to lose weight effectively, the best solution is to have a weight loss surgery. Surgery is the most effective startup plan for your weight loss journey because it stabilizes type 2 diabetes and improves your general well-being and health in the long run. With the combination of surgery, right nutritional diet, and physical activity, you will be able to reduce the risk of developing full-blown diabetes by 15 %, hence significantly improving your health.

4. Quality and serene sleep

The sleep disorder and sleep apnea are also problems that tend to hit overweight people. Getting a good night’s sleep is certainly a perfect motivator to lose weight. People with weight issues have troubles sleeping and then rely on caffeine and sugary beverages. So they are automatically at risk of getting high blood pressure and diabetes. Losing weight will improve your sleeping interruption and as you start sleeping more soundly your body will reduce the level of cortisol and other stress hormones around your system.

5. Enhanced mood

When you are overweight, your entire body is aching and you feel depressed and down. Hormones that impact your mood will get balanced and improved once you lose weight. There is a thin line between obesity and depression, and usually overweight people reach out for food as comfort creating an even far more severe problem. Thus, by losing excessive fat tissue you will boost up your mood, feel more content in your new body and satisfied with your new look and shape. Your social life will get better and there won’t need to feel depressed.

6. Better memory

Some research has proven that morbidly obese people are more likely to develop dementia then normally weight people. Perhaps due to the inflammatory effects, heart problems, mood disorders or just because a larger body requires a higher volume of blood flow through the body and brain, nevertheless it is a major problem. Many people who have undergone weight loss surgery, or have lost weight in a short period have reported that their memory has significantly improved. Staying sharp and having improved memory are extremely good reasons to lose weight. Not only will you prevent the risk of developing dementia, but you will have a chance to improve your lifestyle and get a better job for instance.

Losing weight is simply one step of having a more prosperous and healthy life. After reaching your weight-loss goal you should keep on eating quality foods, stay active and exercise in order not to get the boomerang effect.

Jasmine Anderson is a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Australia.She is an incurable daydreamer, who finds inspiration in little, everyday moments. Spending time at her cozy home office with her two cats, writing her blog, is her favorite thing in the world.

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