Six Problems Modern Medicine Can’t Solve – Faith can!

Six Problems Modern Medicine Can’t Solve – Faith can!

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By Amelia Evans, Contributing author, and freelance writer

In the age of science and technology, it’s hard to think of any problems that might arise at home, school, or work that either therapy, the internet, or modern medicine cannot resolve. Indeed, all media, news, and teachers ever tell us is that of the wondrous achievements of rational mankind and the innate irrationality of “faith” in the unseen or the higher power. Most would believe that.

But what many of them either don’t know or refuse to acknowledge is that there are somethings that neither modern medicine nor modern therapy can fix. Problems that afflict not just our very minds but weighs down on our own souls to almost unbearable points.

Listed below are the Six Problems that Modern Medicine Can’t Solve (that your Faith can!)


  1. It can’t Solve your Feelings of Hopelessness

The very hallmark of Faith is that it gives us hope. Modern medicine – though important for the improvement and maintenance of our own physical well-being and curing of any biological ailments – cannot give the Hope one would crave for in situations of extreme emotional distress. Whether its hardships pertaining to work, school, home, or your love life, Faith allows us a chance to believe that things will get better and that there are greener pastures on the other side.


  1. It can’t Solve Relationship Problems with a Spouse

No amount of prescription drugs or modern medical techniques can improve a marital relationship that is devoid of Faith. Faith is often times the rock that the foundations of a good relationship is built on and the glue that holds the two persons in love together. Our faith, guides our actions towards our spouses and keeps us in constant concern of their happiness.


  1. It can’t Solve for the Lack of Kindness the World

There may be drugs that can induce feelings of strong emotions or take emotions away all together but they have yet to invent a form of medicine that can make us kinder to one another. Faith can. With Faith, we believe in the intrinsic dignity and love that each and every one of His creations deserve. Thus, Faith forces us to treat everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves.


  1. It can’t Solve issues Concerning Love

This one is related to the #2 reasons in that when we fall in love, we should do so with Faith at the center of our commitment and all that comes with a good and healthy relationship will follow after that. This means that in your love, devotion and responsibility to uphold the beliefs in which your love was founded.


  1. It can’t Solve for fears of what Happens after Death

Not many people talk about it; scientists and doctors themselves can explain it but this is something that has always plagued the minds and burdened the soul of too many people today. Faith, on the other hand, has and always been a refuge from fear and a harbinger of hope. We truly do not know what lies after the veil of death, but, with enough Faith, the fears are dispelled and replaced with a certainty that there awaits a better place for those who hold true.


  1. It can’t Solve the ailments of the Soul

What medicine is for the body, Faith is for the soul. It really is as simple as that. Medicine can cure diseases, improve metabolism, and prevent ailments but when emotions are high, when life has too many obstacles, and hope seems lost, Faith is there to be the light in the dark.

Amelia Evans is a freelance writer and works as a content manager for various international brands. When Amelia is not researching and writing she loves nothing more than heading out into the country for some downtime.

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