9 Super Exercises to Increase Your Brain Power & Focus

9 Super Exercises to Increase Your Brain Power & Focus

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9 Super Exercises to Increase Your Brain Power & Focus

Exercise is a vital part of your life, be it physical or mental. To get a perfect body you do a lot of workout which can sometimes result in labored breathing because your breath mimics what you do to your body. But do you know that your brain also needs the same amount of exercise as does your body need? To keep your brain in position and to increase its power, you need to do some exercises.
If you are still unaware of these then don’t worry and have a look below!

9 Super Exercises to Increase Your Brain Power & Focus

1. Switching hands:

It’s a really fun exercise, and easy too. What you need to do is just switch your hands! If you are right-handed then try doing things with your left hand, like brushing teeth or using a computer mouse. It’s difficult in the beginning, but provides a good workout for the brain. So use your non-dominant hand and increase the brain activity

Switching hands

2. Doing things backwards or upside down:

It looks difficult right? You need to stimulate your brain to look at things upside down. You can take an easy start by just wearing your watch upside down, so that every time when you glance at it, it will force the brain to think hard. After getting expert, you can then start writing backwards, known as mirror writing.

3. Listening or Reading:

That’s something very much interesting, you just need to read or listen to books with your friend or any other family member. If no one is available then there is an alternate, you can listen to audiobooks. This makes imagination occur in a different way. Brain regions usually lighten up when you read, speak or hear a same word.
Listening or Reading

4. Trying something new:

You need to do things which you haven’t done before. These maybe out of your interest, but will definitely increase your intelligence. Travel to a new place, try a different hobby, sign up for dance classes if you are lazy. These experiences will trigger the release of dopamine, which is a motivation neurotransmitter. It further stimulates the creation of new neurons
Trying something new

5. Doing things the hard way:

Yes! Another challenge. Have you done things the hard way? If didn’t then what are you waiting for? It’s something so interesting and challenging. But how do you do things the hard way? There is one simple technique, STOP RELYING ON TECHNOLOGY! Use your brain for spellings or math instead of using a smart phone, memorize the phone numbers, or learn to read a map by switching off the GPS.
Doing things the hard way

6. Socializing:

Connecting with different people is surely a very amazing thing for many of you, but there some introverts who don’t socialize at all. Meeting new people gives you exposure to new ideas and other aspects of certain things. Seek out to people with different careers, skills, interests and backgrounds. It introduces you to new ideas and perspectives and stimulates mental growth.

7. Meditating:

It is the most challenging yet the best exercise. The brains are the thinking machines and keeping them to be quiet is the hardest thing. Meditation is the pushups for the brain. But if we train it accordingly, then the benefits are none other than stress reduction, memory improvement, learning ability, increased attention and focus, and it can even include the reversal of brain atrophy. So start your mornings by just focusing on your breath for some minutes. You can also drink some organic coffee or herbal tea in morning. It will Increase your fiber intake, Protection against cirrhosis of the live, Reduces suicide risk and Depression and Increase brain focus

8. Getting a physical exercise:

Brain exercise further includes the physical exercise, and it’s extremely important for the brain. Yes! You’ve read it write. Physical exercise not only provides strength physically but also benefits us mentally. It increase the release of feel good brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin or norepinephrine and so reduces stress. It also promotes new brain cell formation and neural connections. It further reduces the risk of dementia and mental decline. Exercise improves circulation and sends more oxygen to brain. The exercises shouldn’t be strenuous rather these can include walking or yoga.
Getting a physical exercise

9. Challenging yourself with mastery:

Learning a new thing stimulates the brain activity. But after mastering it, the benefits for brain stops because it gets efficient regarding that thing. So it better to give yourself new challenges and staying out of the comfort zone. You can learn different languages, playing instruments, etc. and keeping your brain occupied with new challenges.
Challenging yourself with mastery

This guest post was written by Hassan Khan Yousafzai; he is passionate about Digital marketing. Along with an educational background in Software Engineering, he is bridging the gap between marketing and development department. At Techvando, he has been consulting brands all over Pakistan to gain online traffic and profitable leads.

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