4 Simple Exercises to Do at Work 

4 Simple Exercises to Do at Work 

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So you work a lot and don’t feel like you have time or energy to exercise. Here is a routine of 4 simple exercises you can do right at the office, within ten minutes or less.

4 Simple Exercises to Do at Work


Push-ups are a classic exercise for building upper body strength. You will certainly feel the burn in your arms, but your chest, core, and shoulders will also benefit. Try doing pushups in sets of ten, and adding a few every couple of days until you can add a new set.

This exercise is great because it doesn’t require any equipment, it strengthens so many parts of your upper body, and it can also be done on pretty much any hard, flat surfaces, such as a hardwood floor or office carpet.


What push-ups are to the upper body, squats are to the lower body—that is, a staple exercise that will strengthen many parts of your legs, back, and bottom. Keeping your back straight, throw up your arms and bend your knees, as if you are about to sit in a chair. Push your butt out, and avoid dipping it too far below your knees to avoid putting undue stress on your joints.

Like push-ups, squats do not require equipment, but you can increase the intensity of the exercise by holding weights in your hand if you so chose. Make sure the weight is centered, or if you’re holding two, that they’re balanced on either on the side of you equally.


Crunches are great for strengthening your core, and a strengthened core means a stronger back, which in turn means fewer back problems. Lie on the floor and bend your knees, with your hands at your side. Point your chin toward the ceiling and lift your head up just one or two inches.

You don’t need to crunch all the way to your knees to feel the benefit of this exercise. Just a subtle movement will be enough to produce results; over time, add more crunches. Perhaps start out with twenty, and add five every week. Eventually, you could get to a point where you’re doing a few hundred in ten minutes.


Walking is great exercise that develops good posture, burns calories, and carries ancillary benefits like decreasing your stress and aiding in digestion and concentration. If you have a break at work, consider taking a short walk outside. You’ll find that this activity also clears your head and allows you to return to your tasks with greater focus.

Practice these 4 simple exercises every day and you will be full of energy and positive atitude

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