Beach Body 101 – The Ultimate Guide

Beach Body 101 – The Ultimate Guide

Beach Body

by  Scarlet Gratton
Contributing Author, a passionate writer, professional fashion, lifestyle, and health,  expert

Vacation time is nearing, which means that the beach and the ocean are calling out to us. Most of us are more than ready to finally take a break and go take a dip in the cool water, laze in the sun, and enjoy the summery fun of the season. However, vacation time also means you’re about to slip into your bathing suit and that might be a mixed blessing. It means walking around in something that practically looks like your underwear and showing off your body, and while this can be a powerful thing, it can also be quite nerve-wracking. All of our flaws are on display, and all those chocolate cakes and pizzas didn’t really do us any favors. So, what can you do to get your body ready and be in top shape for the beach? Guys and girls, we’ve got you covered. Useful tips are coming your way!

Calories in vs. calories out

Calories in vs. calories outIf you’re looking to lose weight there’s simply no way to avoid dieting. You have to create a caloric deficiency in your body, and the best way to make progress is to start early so you could lose weight safely and keep it from bouncing back. Diets can be very simple if you stick to a few rules: no processed food, no sugary snacks, no soda drinks, cook as much as you can, and simply be aware of how many calories there are in things. Most women will need around 1200-1500 calories a day to lose weight, while men need around 2000. This doesn’t sound like much when you take into consideration the fact that a McDonald’s meal can have anywhere from 1000-2000 calories in it. However, if you compare that to a healthy meal plan, you realize that you get to eat a lot more than that because home-cooked food and fresh veggies are actually very low on calories.

Drink more water

Water doesn’t actually make you bloated. In fact, not drinking water can make you puff up and feel heavy, and staying hydrated can also help you feel less hungry and lose some weight. If you have a hard time remembering to drink, get a big bottle and keep it around at all times. Sip slowly whenever you see it because it’s easier to do that than to just guzzle down huge glasses every once in a while.

Time for fun workouts

Time for fun workoutsNothing like a good workout to make you look deliciously toned and sexy for the beach! And the best part about warm weather is that you’ve got multiple fun options at your disposal: cycling, outdoor yoga, volleyball, roller skating, running, hiking, or simply long daily walks. Guys who are weightlifters can even lift weights outside. Fresh air will invigorate you, just remember to always put on sunscreen when you’re out. You can also invest in some good workout clothes, such as a quality compression shirt for men, to increase the effectiveness of your workouts. It will help prevent injury and improve your circulation, not to mention how good it makes you look, and looking nice and handsome while you exercise can be a pretty great motivator. Sign up for a fitness class, do sports, or work out from home – anything that you like is completely fine as long as you do it regularly.

Pick the right bathing suit

Ladies, listen up! A trendy, curve-hugging bathing suit that fits your body type well can increase your confidence tenfold and make you a lot more eager to show off. The slimmest of people will look bad if they don’t work with their body shape, so picking the right garment is essential to looking hot at the beach. One-piece bathing suits and retro high-waisted bikinis are a pretty nice option, so go to the store and feel free to try out dozens of options before you find the perfect piece that makes you feel sexy.

Strut around the house

Strut around the houseNow that you have your bathing suit, it’s time to strut! Walking around the house in it will teach you how to move confidently instead of just shyly hugging your shoulders when you’re at the beach, and once you learn how to straighten up and walk with your head held high, your body will instantly look leaner.

Get a tan

Applying self-tanner before you even get to the beach can also help you look slimmer and make your toned muscles more pronounced. Make sure to do a full body scrub before you apply it to avoid any patchiness, and wear gloves as you apply tanner to prevent orange palms.

Enjoy the tips! With a little determination and consistency you can easily shape up for your vacation, so start now and you’ll see the results soon.

Scarlet is a passionate writer and regular contributor at interested in fashion, lifestyle, and health. She loves traveling, you could say that she is a real travel addict, especially when she has a chance to visit some exotic destinations. She would tell you that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

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