Things to Remember While Buying Gel Pressure Relief Cushions

Things to Remember While Buying Gel Pressure Relief Cushions

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Things to Remember While Buying Gel Pressure Relief Cushions

By Joseph Webb Contributing Author, blogger and philosopher expert

Pressure relief cushions can be made out of many materials, but gel pressure relief cushions are ideal for those who have to sit on wheelchairs for prolonged periods of time or have to depend on them entirely for mobility. These cushions have a gel filling in them. These cushions can also be used by those persons who have back pain or other kinds of posture-related problems. Gel cushions are also ideal for those who face discomfort in sitting on the hard surfaces.

Benefits of Using A Gel Pressure Relief Cushion:

Discussed below are some of the benefits of using a gel pressure relief cushion:

  1. Adjustability – These cushions are a great option for almost everyone, and especially for people using wheelchairs. The cushions are filled with a unique kind of gel which shifts and adjusts according to the sitting posture of the person. It gives a very soft and comfortable feeling to the person using them.
  2. Well suited for persons with broad structures – Sitting on regular cushions or hard surfaces can be painful for those who are overweight, or maybe have a broad structure. This is not the case with gel pressure relief cushions, as they can help them provide a soft and adjustable cushioning.
  3. Helps to avoid pressure sores – It is often witnessed that persons who sit on wheelchairs for a great amount of time develop sores and posture related problems. These can be easily prevented by anyone who uses a gel pressure relief cushion. These cushions not only relieve the body of stress but also make the person sitting on it comfortably. The chances of sores occurring are also nil.

Tips for Buying Gel Pressure Relief Cushions:

Buying these gel cushions is not a difficult job. However, one must keep a few things in mind while buying these cushions for the person who is going to be using them:

  • One must never buy cushions larger than the wheelchair’s seat size.  The persons buying them must keep in mind the exact size of the wheel chair’s seat and buy a cushion accordingly. Buying a cushion too big for the seat size will lead to maladjustment, and of course, one cannot cut it later. A cushion which is smaller than the seat size will make the person sitting on it uncomfortable and will also lead to him having problems in adjustment.
  • Keep the weight of the person using the wheelchair in mind. This might sound insignificant, but the weight of the person matters a lot when it comes to the selection of gel cushions. When selecting a gel pressure relief cushion, it is essential that one keeps in mind whether the cushion has the capacity to bear that much pressure. If the weight of the person is more than the cushion can take, then it won’t be possible for the cushion to sustain the pressure and weight of the person for long and it’ll get damaged that much quicker. These cushions can take up to 500 pounds.
  • How does one decide between flat gel cushions or contoured gel pressure relief cushions? Flat gel cushions are meant for people who use them occasionally. However, for persons who have to rely on wheelchairs for their movement, contoured gel cushions are more useful. This is because of the shape of the cushion, which enables a relaxed seating and also helps in posture. Taking care of the posture of the person is equally important, as sitting for a prolonged period of time can give rise to back pain and joint problems.

When choosing to buy gel pressure relief cushion, it is best to do complete research. Read up as much as you can and make your purchase based on the requirements of the person who is going to be using the cushion.

This post is written by Joseph Webb. Joseph is an excellent blogger and philosophers, His keen observation to provide useful information which helps readers to get more ideas. He can be found on Facebook and on Twitter as @aussiesmag.

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