Best Activities To Keep You Healthy

Best Activities To Keep You Healthy

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It is that time of year again. The sun is beginning to warm the air, we are putting away those winter coats and we are forced to look at those extra pounds that snuck up on us while we sipped hot chocolate under our chunky sweaters. There is still plenty of time to trim down and while we are at it, maybe introduce ourselves to some new activities to help us stay active and healthy.  We all know that as we age the pounds are harder to melt. Well, you 20-year olds may not know, but you will know soon. So, the younger we create a healthy lifestyle the better.

We are going to share with you a few activities that we hope you will enjoy that can vastly improve the way you eat and the way you feel. The activities will help you get and stay in shape and live a long and healthy life.

Walking, Hiking, Trails, Mountain Trails

We are listing all of these activities together because it doesn’t matter which of them you do. You can start slow and move up. You can do one or more of these activities. As long as you use your feet to move your body from point A. to point B. you are doing great. Walking is not an easy thing to do. It takes time to build your muscles. It takes effort and dedication. But it builds your muscles. It makes you sweat. All the toxins and chemicals you put in your body are forced out. With every drop of sweat the fatty foods, the tobacco, the alcohol, even the prescription drugs are forced out. You are pushing the reset button on your organs. You are taking back what is yours. You will fight. But what or who better to fight for. It may be a struggle to fight the battle, but you are getting stronger to win the war!



When you think about adding activities into your life to help you get in shape, do you think of dancing? If you answered no, you should. Dancing required major muscle mass and control. Some dance requires fast movement which includes running, jumping, catching people who weigh 100 pounds or so all with a smile on their face. There are many forms of dance. You will find quality and long-lasting dancewear, shoes, and other needs from one place, Just For Kix. They will save you time and money and your gear will be delivered to your door.


The good thing about swim is there is “work it out” swim, and then there is “let it go” swim. I highly recommend you do both every time you get in the water. Start with some stretches. While you are stretching let everything that you have swallowed all week come to the surface. Just stretch and let it up. Now go! Grab the side of the pool and do some kicking, Kick those issues out of your gut. Now do a few running in places and knee them right out of the pool. Jog in a circle and watch the swirl down in the center. Now you can swim your laps. The whole the who time you are swimming tell yourself those problems had no right to bother you and they are not coming back again. When you feel released, slow them down. Take slow strokes, concentrate on breathing. Imagine your breath is a vacuum. It is sucking every speck of dust. Keep slowly swimming and breathing until you feel clean. If your gym has a hot tub, that’s a good place to relax those muscles.

There are lots of ways to get moving, so pick your favorite and get going!


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