How I Used Self-Hypnosis to Improve my Self-Confidence

How I Used Self-Hypnosis to Improve my Self-Confidence

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In Highschool, I was very shy and withheld.

I hardly spoke much or could look people in the eyes. At the end of my sophomore year of Highschool, I had built up the courage to ask my crush out to the movies. On the last day of school at the school auditorium, I marched up to her and asked her in a low voice if she would like to catch a movie sometime.

She replied: “I’d love to”

I smiled, said “great”, then I gleefully stormed out of the auditorium.

—and I didn’t talk to her again.

One Life-Changing Summer

I had forgotten to get her contact information and I was way too shy to follow up with her on social media… I became super depressed and frustrated at my inability to express myself. I would bike around the block every day wondering why I was such a failure.

It was a struggle to get out of bed every day. I would constantly remind myself and beat myself up mentally on the daily.

In hindsight, it was not such a big deal but at the time my teenage heart felt like my whole world has collapsed…

Then, one summer day I went to Las Vegas with my family. While walking the strip, my little brother and I landed some tickets to Marc Savard’s comedy hypnosis show. Some tourists who could not make the show anymore were trying to get rid of their tickets.

My little brother and I walked into the auditorium with no expectations. This might’ve been our first ever Live Vegas show we had ever been to.

The show commenced with Marc introducing himself and gathering participants from the audience. He had all the members on stage close their eyes while he gave them specific instructions. He attempted to put the volunteers in a hypnotic trance. As he continued to hypnotize, he pulled individuals off the stage one-by-one while only keeping the participants in the deepest state of hypnosis. After he gathered a group from the audience in the deepest trance of hypnosis, Marc started his act.

The show was extremely entertaining! The room was constantly filled with laughter. I had never laughed so hard watching a live show. It was so bizarre and downright hilarious. After the show ended, I followed Marc Savard on social media. I visited the show’s website and saw a free self-hypnosis MP3 for self-confidence. It immediately sparked my interest. I felt I had nothing to lose to listen to it and to give it a shot. I downloaded the audio about self-hypnosis, read the instructions and started to listen to it daily.

The audio about self-hypnosis was approximately 15 minutes. The MP3 begins by giving you instructions to put you in a super relaxed state and then offering you suggestions on a different way of thinking. I had no idea if it would work, but I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a shot.

Every night before bed, I would listen to the audio about self-hypnosis with hopes to increase my confidence.

“For the most part, we are perfect the way we are”

 “Your physical change comes from within. So if you change your thoughts. You can change your world”

 “Self-confidence does not mean that you can do everything perfectly…self-confident people have realistic expectations”

 “You are honest and dependable…you are sincere and honest…you are free to act”

The hypnotist offered a variety of different perspectives or ways of thinking that I habitually listened to and reinforced in my head. And….

It worked. 

A New Start

After I started to routinely listen to audio about self-hypnosis to the MP3, I started to make a ton of positive changes in my life. I started to read self-help books and I kept pushing to express myself better. I enrolled in a public speaking course and I would approach random strangers on the street to practice talking. I made it a habit to stretch outside of my comfort zone.

When my senior year of high school started, a year and a half later, I felt like a whole new person and I embraced everyone around me. I was comfortable with being myself and I felt my shyness start to fade away. I made so many friends my senior year and even got my first girlfriend!

The part of the mp3 that had the biggest impact on my life was: “forgive yourself for all your past mistakes.”

Now, I have graduated from college and work as a freelancer. I’ve never been happier. I laugh at my failures and use them as opportunities to grow.

I have a strong base of who I am and what I stand for. I am forever grateful for accidentally getting tickets to this show and for all that Marc Savard has done for me.

The audio has changed my life.

If you are skeptical about self-hypnosis, I say give it a shot and see for yourself. Go into it with an open mind and who knows, maybe it may change your life 🙂



Brandon Leuangpaseuth is a writer from San Diego, CA that helps various criminal defense attorneys across the country with their public relations. You can connect with him on LinkedIn @bleuangpaseuth.

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