E-CIGS Are More Efficient Than Nicotine Gums And Patches According to Quit Smoking Reports

E-CIGS Are More Efficient Than Nicotine Gums And Patches According to Quit Smoking Reports

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A significant report conducted recently presented irrefutable proof that indicates that electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) can help traditional cigarette smokers quit smoking. According to this report, the efficiency of e-cigs in the quit-smoking process is almost double that of patches and nicotine gums.

This report was published in the NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) in January 2019. According to many experts, the publication may play a crucial role in influencing the medical prescriptions issued around the world. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will certainly be under additional pressure to loosen its restrictions on the manufacturing and possession of e-cigs.

A specialist in tobacco treatment indicates that plenty of questions have been posed by patients to their doctors about e-cigs. He went further by revealing the conundrum doctors find themselves in when attempting to answer these questions. However, according to this report, doctors now have the evidence they need to prescribe e-cigs to their patients.

On the other hand, some medical practitioners remain adamant in their convictions since the FDA has not officially released any publication that endorses the prescription of e-cigs to patients.

Studies show that more than six million people die annually as a result of smoking. These reports show that smoking a major cause of avoidable deaths throughout the world. It is no secret that giving up on smoking is a difficult task irrespective of the measures and prescriptions taken. In fact, only 7 percent out of the 55 percent of smokers that make an effort to stop smoking every year succeed. This statistic was revealed by the United States government.

Since the e-cig industry officially launched in the US in 2007, it has exponentially developed into an industry that is worth more than $6 billion annually. E-cigs are basically battery-powered portable devices that generate inhalable vapor by heating a flavored nicotine solution.

The reason for the common belief among majority experts that traditional cigarettes are more harmful than e-cigs is that unlike the former, e-cigs do not generate byproducts that cause cancer. However, their beliefs do not in any way imply that e-cigs (otherwise referred to as vapes) are completely harmless as no report supports this claim. Medical professions are largely still in the dark when it comes to understanding the lasting implications of the toxic chemicals that are present in some e-cig vapor.


The belief that e-cigs help smokers stop smoking has sparked a lot of debate among many experts. A respected panel of experts in the US stated in 2018 that the proof presented to show the efficiency of e-cigs in helping stop smoking is insufficient to draw a favorable conclusion. Click here if you decide to buy vape online in Canada

However, this recent report was conducted on almost nine hundred young-adult smokers with each participant subjected to breathe testing. They were selected randomly to receive lozenges, nicotine gums, patches, e-cigs, and other products in nicotine therapy. After a year of active participation, 27.9 percent of the participants were able to kick the habit. The breakdown of the successful participants was amazing as only 9.9% successfully stopped smoking through the use of other products. This implied that the remaining 18% successfully stopped smoking with the help of e-cigs.

An addiction specialist from a renowned university in London stated that any product that aids the prevention of lung and heart disease and cancer should be considered good enough. He went further by stating that e-cigs are no exception.

The report also proved to be more cost-effective as participants in the e-cig category received a starter kit that cost only $27. This is significantly lower than the $159 given to each participant under other nicotine replacement therapies over the space of 3 months. Afterward, participants had to assume the responsibility for purchasing more supplies if they ran out of the ones they were given.

There were various factors involved that helped enhance the chances of a successful outcome during the report. Firstly, every participant was presumed to have the desire to stop smoking since they were all enlisted from the smoking–cessation program of the government. Secondly, each participant was required to undergo anti-smoking counseling that lasted for four weeks. Thirdly, no additional drug that enhances the efficiency of other nicotine replacement therapy was used throughout the study.

It is no news that the British government approved the use of vape devices as a means to aid smoking cessation within the remit of health service providers. Hence, the reason why it is not surprising to discover that the financial aid for this research came from the British government. The US government, on the other hand, is quite skeptical about following this path since they are still unsure of the lasting effects of e-cigs on human health.

Despite the good signs, there is still a need for health service providers to be cautious since there is only one study supporting this claim even though the evidence presented by the report is irrefutable.

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