Acamprosate Made Me Quit Smoking

Acamprosate Made Me Quit Smoking

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Acamprosate Made Me Quit SmokingACAMPROSATE

Written by John D Allen
My name is John D Allen St. from Louis Mo. I was hooked on nicotine for some 30 years. In 2007 a doctor prescribed the medication Acamprosate for Tinnitus, a loud ringing in my left ear. On a scale of 1 to 10 my ear was ringing on a level 7 to 8. After taking Acamprosate, the ringing was reduced to about a 1 to 3 level. I took the drug for three months and woke up one morning and didn’t need the nicotine gum that I had been chewing during the four years before that time. Amazing! That was seven years ago, and I still don’t smoke or chew nicotine gum, and the ringing in my ear is still reduced. If I had known about the abstract from Cedars-Sinai, I would not have been so surprised when I didn’t need nicotine anymore. Acamprosate Made Me Quit Smoking. But The following remedy was good for me. Results may vary from person to person. What works for some people, does not work for others.

It is very hard for most people to quit smoking.  Acamprosate is an anti-smoking drug & what the heck is Acamprosate Cigarettes are a weapon of mass destruction. All smokers want to quit. Who would want to risk Lung Cancer, Cancer of all type, Stink, Waste Money, Be a fire Hazard, Waste time smoking, Etc. “NOBODY” Nicotine is so powerful it will make a person do all that and more. People tell me they like to smoke, that is a bunch baloney. They need the nicotine in the smoke that is what they like. If you harp on a smoker to quit they will not get rid of the cigarettes, they will get rid of you. The smokers know the risk but as I said the nicotine is too powerful for most. Vaping, nicotine gum are both ways to keep the smoke out of your lungs. Do whatever it takes to maintain the smoke out of the lungs. The smoke is what destroy the lungs and damage EVERYTHING else in the body. “Lung Transplant is very hard to get”

I don’t smoke those nasty cigarettes anymore. I and other smokers would risk Lung Cancer, COPD, and other smoking illness but it was worth it for the nicotine. Plus smelling terrible, bad breath, bad teeth, fire hazard, wasting money, the big hassle, people looking down on you – the list of negatives goes on. But we would do it because we were addicted! We would do this year after year after year. Some of us until we had Lung Cancer, COPD or other smoking illness and were told to quit or die. For some, not even that would stop them! Only death would make them stop.

Now, #Acamprosate may be another tool in the fight against smoking. Acamprosate is what MADE me quit smoking.

I didn’t know if the lack of desire to smoke would last; weeks, months, years went by, and I still did not want or need nicotine. It was about 5 or 6 years ago (2009 or 2010) that I started to tell people I quit smoking due to Acamprosate. I was not surprised when people didn’t believe me. If someone said they took a drug and it made them quit smoking, I wouldn’t have believed them either. I’m on Twitter and I have a website where I have abstracts and emails about Acamprosate. How much more is it going to take before anti-smoking groups say HEY maybe this guy did quit smoking with Acamprosate. Please view my website to see how this could be possible.Share my info and save LUNGS. I’m not making any money off Acamprosate What I want is MEDICAL RESEARCH today. I want to help millions of people to quit smoking. I will be in the catbird seat with financial gains possible. For twitter lover here is my twitter site Please follow me. Get enough followers; people will start to pay attention.

Acamprosate is used in the treatment of alcoholism; however, there is little information on its effects on nicotine addiction. The objective of this study was to determine whether acamprosate inhibits cue-induced relapse to nicotine self-administration in the rat. Rats were trained to press a lever to obtain intravenous infusions of nicotine (0.03 mg/kg/infusion) that were associated with the illumination of a cue light. After 29 days of nicotine self-administration sessions, extinction sessions were run during which responses on the active lever did not result in the infusion of nicotine or the illumination of the cue light. After 14 days of extinction sessions, the rats received twice-daily injections of saline or acamprosate (50, 100, or 200 mg/kg/intraperitoneally). Seven days later the response to the previously conditioned cue was tested, but only saline infusions were delivered. Pretreatment with all doses of acamprosate reduced responding to a cue previously associated with nicotine. The lowest dose of acamprosate (50 mg/kg) reduced responding for the cue previously associated with nicotine infusions but did not affect food-rewarded behavior. These results show that acamprosate reduced cue-induced nicotine-seeking behavior and suggest that acamprosate might be efficacious in treating nicotine addiction in humans.


Pechnick RN, Manalo CM, Lacayo LM, Vit JP, Bholat Y, Spivak I, Reyes KC, Farrokhi C.

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Brain Research Institute, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA June 22, 2011

I received this abstract about 4 years after I quit nicotine with Acamprosate.

John D Allen   St. Louis Mo.

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Acamprosate Made Me Quit Smoking


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    1. I’m glad you feel better with natural therapy treatment

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