What Are The Finest Hemp Strains Of CBD?

What Are The Finest Hemp Strains Of CBD?

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What Are The Finest Hemp Strains Of CBD?

There are several factors you should consider whenever you begin your search for premium hemp strains of CBD that will meet your needs. For starters, there you need to identify the flavor type, terpene, and THC concentration in the strain. However, the most important factor you should find out is the concentration of cannabidiol (CBD).

Whenever you wish to purchase medical hemp or cannabis rather than other CBD products, you should opt for the strain that contains the highest concentration of CBD. You should look for products from reputable brands as this will increase your chances of receiving the total therapeutic benefit that CBD has to offer.

However, identifying the strain with the finest concentration of CBD in today’s market can be challenging. The reason for this is that there are so many CBD strains and brands in the market today that scrolling through the lists on each website to discover the best strain can be overwhelming.

In this post, we will explore the finest strain of CBD in the market today.

Why are the premium  Hemp Strains of CBD important?

A basic understanding of the well-being and fitness benefits of CBD is crucial to understanding the significance of premium hemp or CBD strain. The cannabis plant contains more than 100 cannabinoids that operate on the ECS (Endocannabinoid System) in the body. Hemp otherwise known as CBD is one of them.

The ECS is a complicated biochemical system that is responsible for the management of several body functions. It does this through two receptors known as the “CB1 and CB2 receptors”. While CB1 receptors manage brain and CNS (Central Nervous System) functions, CB2 receptors manage other body operations. Hence, the effects of CBD in the human body depends solely on the receptor that it triggers.

According to reports, the use of CBD has various health benefits ranging from enhancing sleep quality, to pain and inflammation management, to treating anxiety.


What Are The Finest Hemp Strains Of CBD?

Here are some of the finest strains of hemp available in today’s market:

  • THE VX (VALENTINE X) HEMP STRAIN: You may have guessed correctly that the name of this hemp strain was from St. Valentine. It is a highly-rated hemp strain that has CBD: THC ratio of 25:1. This means that a Valentine X CBD strain that contains 17 percent of CBD will contain 0.68 percent of THC. This highlights the health benefits this CBD strain offers to the human body and the best part is that the concentration of THC present is so insignificant that the VX hemp strain is considered to be non-psychoactive. The name given to this hemp strain has absolutely nothing to do with the well-known associations of St Valentine such as romance and love. Its name was derived from the less well-known attribute of this saint which is epilepsy. The reason why epilepsy is linked with St Valentine is not clear, however, this hemp strain derived its name from its anti-convulsive features.


  • THE ACDC HEMP STRAIN: Before you skip this strain as a result of its name you should know that the identity of this hemp strain is derived from its calming feature. This hemp strain is often considered to be the groundbreaking hemp strain that a majority of CBD users love. Its strength is its premium concentration of CBD. You should know that there are several ACDC hemp strains on the market today and their differences are solely dependent on the concentration of CBD present. However, finding an ACDC hemp strain that contains about 20 percent of CBD should be an easy task. The CBD: THC ratio of this hemp strain is 20:1. This implies that every ACDC strain that contains 20 percent of CBD will contain only a 1 percent THC concentration. This THC concentration is considered safe and doesn’t induce any psychoactive effects on the user. You should know that the majority of CBD products, including CBD oil, contain less than 0.3% concentration of THC. A majority of chemotherapy patients prefer this hemp strain over others.


  • THE HARLEQUIN HEMP STRAIN: The name of this hemp strain was derived from a famous Italian cinema character and this should be taken seriously. Typically, this strain contains a CBD: THC ratio of 5:2 with the average CBD concentration in the market ranging from 10 percent to 15 percent. This implies that a Harlequin hemp strain that contains a 15 percent concentration of CBD will contain a 6 percent concentration of THC. According to experts, this hemp strain is used mainly to help patients to fight addiction. It is also considered beneficial in fighting depression and chronic anxiety.


  • THE CHARLOTTE’S WEB HEMP STRAIN: One of the reasons why this hemp strain is popular is its premium CBD concentration. Typically, this strain contains as high as a 20 percent concentration of CBD. Its name was derived from a girl who battled with Dravet Syndrome called Charlotte Figi. According to records, she experienced multiple seizures each week even after using a medical prescription. Hence, this reason why this hemp strain is largely used to help people suffering from epilepsy.

Although there are other hemp strains out there, we have put together the finest you are most likely going to find in the market.

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What Are The Finest Hemp Strains Of CBD?


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