How To Make Your New Hairstyle Last Longer

How To Make Your New Hairstyle Last Longer

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Whenever we get ourselves a nice new hairstyle, we want and we need it to last as long as possible. Eventually, you will need to wash it, sleep on it or tie it back to exercise and within a short period of time, you may be disappointed to find that your hairstyle is no longer what it was. So today, we are going to give you some tips to make your hairstyle last as long as possible.

There are many reasons why a hairstyle can come undone. Rain, humidity or just the passing of the hours are all reasons that hairstyles don’t always last as long as we’d like. We must also take into account the type of hair we have, as hair type needs to be considered when trying to make the hairstyle last longer. If you want to keep your new hairdo as long as possible make sure you don’t miss all the great tips below!

Think about it

Before you even enter the salon think about the style you are going to get, consider how you are going to maintain it and how your new hairstyle will grow out. Shorter, cropped styles will not grow out as well as styles with longer layers. Discuss it with a stylist if you are not sure about the maintenance your chosen style will require.

Make the hairstyle last longer with a hair dryer

Many hair care experts advise avoiding the dryer as much as possible, too much heat use can dry and damage our hair quite badly. But in this case, we need to keep our new hairstyle and we need to use the hot air to help us seal that new style in. Remember, just before we finish blow drying, it is best to apply a little cold air. The contrast will help us to keep that style for longer. Try to avoid applying heat to your hair too often, try to use a heat protection product whenever possible.

A little bit of oil

Sometimes we may struggle with certain strands of hair that are loose and rebellious. It may seem that static electricity is enthusiastically making its presence known. When this happens you can apply a little olive oil, just to seal the hair.

Newly washed hair?

When we have an event to go to we may need to wash our hair on the day. But sometimes, washing our hair before a date or other special occasion may not be a good choice. It is best to wash it the day before. Especially when we have straight hair and we are thinking about waves for the special day. Avoid too much washing, it can cause colour loss and is not good for the hair as it will lose natural oils.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can help to reduce the need to wash your hair as often and it can revive limp hair. If you are planning a trip to the gym applying dry shampoo before and after your workout will help to soak up any sweat.

Do not touch your hair

Even if common sense suggests the opposite, it is not easy to keep your hands away from your hair. It is an instinctive action and we always end up touching the hair more than we realize. Touching that new hairstyle too much will ensure it disintegrates sooner than we realize. So, keep your hands away from it!

Do not touch it at home

If your hairstyle has been done in a hairdressing salon, then you should not try to improve upon it when you get home, make sure you are happy with it before you leave the salon. The experts know how to make that new hairstyle last longer.

You may be tempted to make the mistake of getting home and continuing to apply more product. Instead of improving it, you may find you make your new hairdo worse. For example, by adding more fixative, we may cause our hair to become dirty or greasy. More product can weigh the hair down and cause it to lose its shape.

The best thing is to just enjoy the hairstyle that the salon has made for you, they are the professionals. Now you just have to follow the above tips and you will find that you wear your new hairstyle for a longer period of time. Ask your stylist how long the hairdo should last and to ensure your hair always looks its best, make sure you book your next appointment before you leave the salon.

This post was written and supplied on behalf of Francesco Picardi Shoreditch Hair Salon, a newly refurbished salon located in Shoreditch, London

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