Mission Vision: Symptoms And Treating Ways For Refractive Errors

Mission Vision: Symptoms And Treating Ways For Refractive Errors

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Refractive Errors

The Definition of Refractive Errors

When your eye is not focusing properly, the cause may be a refractive error. This can happen when rays of light are not focusing properly on your retina. When the shape of your eye does not allow the light to focus directly on your retina, it is called a refractive error. This can be caused by a variety of things including the aging process, the shape of your cornea changing or your eyeball length being too short or too long. It is important to know refractive errors can be treated.

The eye structure can have refractive properties a lot like the way light rays are bent by lenses or water. This impacts the precise focus point necessary for sharp vision. The majority of light refraction happens when light rays are travelling through the clear, curved front of the eye or the cornea. Refractive eye surgery can eliminate or decrease the need for contact lenses or glasses by improving the refractive state of your eyes.

This solution may include laser surgery, cataract surgery, lens implantation or surgically remodelling the cornea. Blurred vision is the most common symptom of refractive errors. Other symptoms often include eye strain, squinting, haziness, double vision or seeing halos or glare around a bright light. In most cases, refractive errors can be corrected by laser eye surgery, contact lenses or glasses. Getting Personal Eyes laser surgery can be the most appropriate solution for one to get rid of spectacles.


The Four Types of Refractive Errors


The main classifications for refractive errors are myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. Myopia or short-sightedness occurs when the power of your eye is stronger or longer than normal. This condition means the light rays will focus in front of your retina. The result is a blurry vision in the distance and good focus for close range vision. The majority of people with myopia wear contact lenses or glasses. This is dependent on their visual requirements and the degree of myopia. If you are short-sighted, chances are good you remove your glasses when reading.

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Hypermetropic or long sightedness is when your eye is less powerful or shorter than normal. The focus of the light rays is behind your retina. Some individuals with this condition do not need to wear glasses until they are much older. Their vision can be cleared by using extra power to focus while they are young. If you are long-sighted, you may wear contact lenses or glasses most of the time. Your vision may become blurry for objects both in the distance and nearby.

Astigmatism means the shape of your cornea is oval instead of spherical. This causes visual distortion and can occur for both short or long sightedness. The crystalline lens in your eye changes as you age. It can become rigid and cause you to lose focus at close range. This is called presbyopia and can occur for all ages even without a refractive error.



Treatments often include correction using contact lenses or prescription glasses and refractive surgery such as PRK or LASIK. Intra-ocular lens implantation and Clear Lensectomy use an artificial lens to replace your natural lens. Inserting a new lens can correct the way your eye focuses while decreasing your dependence on prescription lenses. This operation is generally a stable solution for the long term. Implantable contact lenses are soft, tiny artificial lenses implanted behind the pupil in your eye and in front of your natural lens. This can treat refractive errors that cannot be treated with either PRK or LASIK.


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