What is Affirmative Prayer?

What is Affirmative Prayer?

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Prayer is one of the major foundations of spirituality. No matter what your religious affiliation is, spending time with your higher being is an integral part of strengthening your faith.

If you analyze each sector of modern and traditional religion, the invisible workings of a higher power is a common theme. Examples of Jesus Christ praying to his father for comfort is one of the foremost examples modern Christians use today as a layout for prayer.

Other practices suggest meditation as a means to connect with yourself and the energy surrounding you. During this time, you’re instructed to visualize your inner peace with the hopes of gaining clarity.

Although prayer isn’t the focal point of meditation, stating your intention and relying on the universe to provide it is quite similar to traditional prayer.

One of the cornerstones of prayer is the acknowledgment that you cannot do something yourself. You’re humbling yourself before this spiritual being and putting your faith in their actions. It’s a beautiful opportunity that allows you to develop spiritually.

There are many forms of prayer that serve as guidelines for individuals to follow. Many of which are found in the ancient writings of the bible. One of the most popular prayer forms is called affirmative prayer.

Affirmative prayer is a technique that is part of Alternative Medicine that believes if you pray for a positive outcome, that positivity will manifest itself into reality. For example, if a person is facing financial woes, they may pray that they’ll one day live comfortably. It’s with their hope that this prayer will come true. This technique is one form of self-improvement

Affirmative prayer is similar to intention setting. You’re directly approaching your god with something specific that you wish to happen. It increases your faith and spirituality because you’re placing your confidence and reassurance on your higher being.

How to Pray in an Affirmative Manner?

What is Affirmative Prayer?

To begin, you have to make the connection between god and positivity strong. Acknowledge all that God is and has been. That is perfect health, just, kind and peaceable.

Manifest that into your personal goals. If you want to learn how to be peaceable, acknowledge that God is the perfect example of peace. This will help you pray affirmatively.

Next, find your own connection with God. When you understand that we are made in his image, you’ll understand that you have the ability to reach those areas of improvement. For example, since God is perfect health, praying for a speedy recovery shouldn’t be an impossible notion.

Be Specific as Affirmative Prayer

Explain to God your complete need for this outcome. Walk him through the intention and let him know how it makes you feel. This will strengthen your bond and make your relationship with him real.

In your spare time, make your own list of affirmations. Whatever it is that you’re praying for, say or jot down several “I” statements. For example, if your prayer is financial security, write down, “I am frugal. I am financially secure. I am able to reach my financial goals.”

This will sharpen your focus and subconsciously keep your goal at the forefront of your mind. You’ll find yourself making decisions that align with your goal without you even noticing it.

Give Thanks and Praise

When you notice that your prayers are being manifested into your life, don’t forget to offer praise for your blessings. Remember, we’re undeserving of godly spirit. Being imperfect in nature makes prayer all the more humbling.
By acknowledging that you accomplished this through the will of God, you’re more likely to reap more blessings in the future.

Affirmative prayer is an excellent way to draw closer to God and strengthen your humility. It helps you state your goals and get exactly what you want. Learning how to incorporate this into your spiritual routine is vital for your overall wellness.

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