Here’s Why Smok Mods Are Way Better than Vape Pens!

 Here’s Why Smok Mods Are Way Better than Vape Pens!

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Here’s Why Smok Mods Are Way Better than Vape Pens!

If you are new to the world of vaping, things can be confusing for you. Since you will not have much past experience, you would not know which device or e-liquid is the best, and can enhance your vaping experience. There are a huge variety of mods available in the market, and the e-liquids also come in a wide range of flavours. So, if you are a novice, choosing the right things can be challenging. Smok mods can be pricey, but if you are buying it for the first time, you would want to invest only in the best products.

There are various companies that supply a wide range of smok mods. Vapelink is a Sydney based vaping specialist store that tries to uncomplicate the vaping experience for you. They have a massive range of e-cigarette products like coils, mods, e-liquids etc. Box mods are vaping devices that are essentially box shaped, as the name suggests. Their structure is different from the traditional pen shape or cylinder shape. The new vape mods are much more developed, as they have large screen on them that shows temperature, settings etc.

Reasons why smok mods are better than vape pens:

The smok mods were developed by Smoktech which is the flagship brand of IVPS. It is one of the oldest and the leading company in vaping world. So if you are buying vape products for the first time, choosing smok mods would be a great thing to do. To enhance the experience, dinner lady quirky flavoured e-liquids would be a great combination. Here are the reasons why smok box mods are better than traditional vape pens:

o   Battery life: The vapers always prefer to go for the one having greater battery life. The smok mods have a larger internal space which means more batteries can be inserted inside it. More batteries would mean that the smok box mod would work longer. The smok box mods can accept up to four batteries! More batteries also mean more wattage – so they have to be charged less frequently. So, smok box mods would last longer and offer a better vaping experience than vape pens.

o   Cloud production: Another important criterion while choosing vaping products is the cloud production. To some vapers, this is the most important part of the vaping experience. The increased performance and wattage of the smok box mods offer more vapour production with every single hit. More vapour production leads to larger production of clouds. On the other hand, the pen vapes were known for having low wattage and low cloud production. Today, the modern box mods can reach up to 300w wattage and fill a big room with vapour in just two hits. So, smok box mods are not only a good option for cloud chasers, but also for the regular vape enthusiasts who like to have a control over how much cloud is being generated.

o   Durability: Smok mods are more durable than the vape pens. The smok mods are made from high-quality and heavier materials as compared to the vape pens. Hence, they are more durable. Moreover, the smok box mods do not take the beatings like vape pens. Since they are easier to carry, vape pens are taken on trips more frequently. As a result, they undergo bad handling and are dropped more often, making their lifespan shorter.

Portability is not the main criterion for vape enthusiasts. They believe in getting the best vaping experience with every hit they take. If the overall experience is taken, smok box mods are way better than the traditional vape pens.

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