Questions to Ask Your Doctor During Pregnancy

Questions to Ask Your Doctor During Pregnancy

Questions to Ask Your Doctor During Pregnancy | #pregnancy #pregnantPregnant woman holding up a blackboard

While it is true there is no such thing as a dumb question, this is especially true during pregnancy. You should never hesitate to consult a doctor with any questions you may have. If you don’t ask, you will never learn, and pregnancy is undoubtedly a learning experience—no matter if it’s your first or fifth!

If you cannot think of any questions off the top of your head, and have an upcoming appointment, these questions might be a good starting point in getting important information you may find helpful in your pregnancy journey.

1.      What medicines or herbal supplements should I avoid?

During pregnancy, you need to be aware of everything you take into your body, including over the counter medicines and vitamins or supplements. Because whatever you ingest could possibly cross the placenta, you may inadvertently affect your unborn baby with the chemicals or supplements you take. Ask your doctor which medicines are safe in the case you have a headache, a cold or if you are already taking vitamins.

There are several unsafe over the counter medicines readily available in pharmacies, which pregnant women should avoid. Your doctor will have his or her own recommendations. It is a good idea to ask this in advance, so you are scrambling for information should you come down with an illness. Even vitamins could have an adverse affect on the development of a fetus.

2.      If I become ill, when should I seek medical attention?

You won’t need to call the doctor for every little cough or ache. However, since you are pregnant, you will want to take a little more care of your own health. Afterall, you are the carrier of another human being. Your healthcare provider will share some red flags to watch for should you become ill and let you know when you should seek medical help.

3.      What pain control is available to me during labor?

This is an important question to ask and get the ball rolling, especially if you wish to have a drug-free labor. Asking your doctor this question well ahead of time will allow you to share your vision and wishes to see if they line up with what your doctor recommends and says is available to you where you are going to give birth.

4.      Are you comfortable with having a Doula present at the birth?

If you wish to hire a doula for your birthing experience, you will want to ensure your doctor is onboard with this and will not discourage having one present in the delivery room. Some doctors feel their control or authority is stepped on if a doula is present, while others wholeheartedly agree to your wishes.

5.      What tests or ultrasounds will be ordered throughout my pregnancy?

There are several tests which your doctor could order during your pregnancy depending upon your medical history, age and any prior complications you have had in previous pregnancies. As for ultrasounds, there are usual ones which most pregnant women can expect but your doctor may have additional ones he or she orders. Ask ahead of time so you know what to expect.

6.      What is Average Weight Gain in Pregnancy?

You might be surprised by the answer because many women estimate far too little. Your doctor can give you a range that is based on your own current weight, health conditions you may have, height and age. This number range gives you something to aim for, but you shouldn’t be dieting during pregnancy. Focus on eating healthier and even a little more frequently to keep your energy up.

7.      How can I relieve my nausea and/or vomiting?

Some women will experience nausea alone or nausea and vomiting at all times of the day. It can really affect your every day life including work, family obligations and your energy levels. If you feel that your sickness from pregnancy has taken over your life, ask your doctor about ways you can alleviate your suffering. Along with natural ways, your doctor may feel that you require a prescription if it is extreme.

8.      Can I have the labor I choose as oppose to how you choose?

Most women have in mind exactly how they would like their labor and delivery process to take place. More and more, women are aiming to have medication-free births and if this is what you wish to do, it is important to have a doctor that is onboard with you. Ask this question early on in your prenatal care to determine if you are with the right healthcare provider for you.

You should never feel afraid or ashamed to consult a doctor to ask questions while pregnant. Not only is pregnancy a learning curve, each pregnancy is different, making it new experience each time. So, ask away and gain all the information you need to feel comfortable in your pregnancy journey as you get ready for the arrival of your little one.

Ala’a Alkhatib

Ala’a Alkhatib is a passionate digital content marketer based in Jordan who has previously worked in a variety of industries including software, transportation and aeronautics. She is currently helping people live healthier by integrating their doctors into their day to day schedule more efficiently. She is also a frequent user of Cura app having been known to use it to chat with doctors in all kinds of place – even while on the bus!

Questions to Ask Your Doctor During Pregnancy | #pregnancy #pregnant
Pregnant woman holding up a blackboard

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