Special Summer Tips For Healthy Stomach 

Special Summer Tips For Healthy Stomach 

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Special Summer Tips For Healthy Stomach 

By Lisa Fletcher Contributing Author,  a health and fitness expert

Summer time is the time when you need to take special care of your stomach. As the climate changes and temperature rises, it affects your immunity and digestion. There are many health consequences of low immunity. It’s important to keep your stomach cool and healthy.

Prevent digestive problems in the summer by eating foods that are easy to digest. You can also use Bowtrol colon control for complete detox during summers. When your system is clean, it will also keep your stomach healthy. Listed below are some special summer tips, read on.

Special Summer Tips For Healthy Stomach

Eat smaller meals

Heat affects your digestion, and it can result in loss of appetite. Eat smaller meals rather than having heavy meals. Small meals are good for digestion. Small meals can also reduce your hunger pangs. You can have fruits and green leafy veggies for your small meal portion.

Fruits with high water content like watermelon and muskmelon are great for summertime. These fruits also help you to stay hydrated during summers.

Drink lots of liquids

Most people suffer from dehydration during summers. So, it’s important that you hydrate your body by having lots of liquids. Have fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Have at least ten to fifteen glasses of water to hydrate your body.

Keep sipping fluids throughout the day, as it will prevent bloating and acidity. Having liquids is the best way to keep your stomach and gut healthy.

Increase your fiber intake and avoid fatty foods

Have foods rich in fiber during summer time. Whole grain foods help to aid the digestion process of your body. High fiber foods prevent problems like constipation and acid reflux during summer time. Also, avoid having fatty foods as it can cause acidity.

Avoid foods that are high in fats and carbs. Have foods that are low in calorie, as that will help your stomach to stay healthy during summers.

Include herbs in your diet

Herbs are good for your digestion process. Include herbs in your diet plan as it prevents bloating and stomach infection during summer time. Ginger, cilantro, and fennel seeds are good for digestion. You can have these herbs in natural form or add it to your meals.

Ginger juice helps to keep your stomach cool during summer time. You can add one teaspoon of honey to ginger juice for healthy digestion.

Avoid spicy foods and have cooling foods

Spicy foods can interfere with your normal digestion system. It’s best to avoid spicy foods during summer time. Avoid having garlic, chili and salted cheese in your diet plan. Have cooling foods to keep your stomach cool. The water content in these foods also helps to hydrate your body naturally.

Have water-rich foods such as Brussels sprouts, cucumber, pears, and plums. Your diet intake plays a major role in the health of your stomach. Have a balanced diet during summers to stay healthy and active.

You can also have Bowtrol colon control with probiotic properties to keep your stomach healthy during summer time. A healthy stomach can keep you fit and active.

Lisa Fletcher is a health expert at bowtrolhealth which is a Bowtrol probiotics supplement. She is a single mother who lives in Chicago with her daughter. She regularly contributes her write-ups to health-related websites and blogs. In her free time, she loves listening to music, watching TV, and traveling.

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