How To Earn With AE Mailer

How To Earn With AE Mailer

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You have the best mailer in your hands. Use AE Mailer to build your list, earn a commission, promote your ads and earn additional $$$ from referral contest

How do I build my list?

See the video on the Profile page on how to connect your autoresponder with AE Mailer. When you will do it your form will be on your main affiliate link. In this case, people will join YOUR list first and after that AE Mailer. If your form doesn’t exist on your main referral link you made the mistake. Contact your autoresponder support how to get Javascript Snippet and add it in the autoresponder area in your profile

How do I earn commissions? 

See the video on the home page and set your payment methods. Send new members to AE Mailer using your affiliate link.

You earn commissions if someone you have referred purchases an Upgrade.

If you are the free member every 5 upgrade is yours. You can the status of your referrals at the bottom of the affiliate tools many. That’s mean that if the 5th person upgrades to lifetime VIP you will get $97 in the pre-launch period or $197 after that as commission. If they upgrade to the other level you will get the commission from that level

If you upgrade to gold you will get every 4th upgrade.

If you upgrade to Platinum VIP  you will get every 3rd upgrade.

If you upgrade to Elite VIP you will get every 2nd upgrade.

Members pay other members directly unless you earn a commission from a payment method you cannot accept.

In this case, you will earn 75% of the sale and we will pay you out via one of the methods you can get paid within 1 week or less.


Referral Contest


Each month we will give


Cash Prizes for the top 5 places!


It starts on 01 Each Month @8AM CST /9 AM EST and end at the end of the month


$100 In Cash Prizes:


1st – $40 Cash


2nd – $25 Cash


3rd –  $20 Cash


4th – $10 Cash


5th – $5 Cash



Where is my affiliate link?

It is found in the Affiliate Tools section along with banners to use, email copy, etc.


How/when do I get paid?

Payments will be paid to you directly by members you refer

Where do I find out how many referrals I have? 

Click on the Affiliate Tools button and scroll down to the bottom

Where do I set up ads?

To set up banners & text ads you would go to menu option: Setup Ads

You should only post banners for other sites you wish to promote, NOT AE Mailer’s  banners

NOTE: Banners must be 468×60 or they will be returned unapproved.

The more ads you setup the better for you!


How do the banner/text ads work?

Banners and text ads are rotated throughout our site and will show at the top of the credit emails that are clicked on.

Clicks will come from members clicking on ads to earn credits and for a chance to win prizes.

I paid for an upgraded membership. Why does it still say I am a free member?

Please allow your sponsor up to 24hrs to upgrade you, if you do not hear from your sponsor contact us with proof (screenshot) and you will be upgraded as soon as we verify this is a valid claim.

Please allow up to 48 hours, after submitting your proof of payment.

Can I open more than one account?

One account per member.

How do I redeem a promo code? Where do I get a promo code? Code doesn’t work?

At the top of the Setup Ads section is a promo code redemption box.

If it is a valid code, your advertising will be added immediately upon redemption.

If the code is invalid, then check to be sure you have entered the code correctly.

If you are sure this is a promo code to be used at AE Mailer and it says it is invalid, contact support for help.

* Keep in mind, some codes expire after a certain amount of redemptions. You might be too late!

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