memory loss

memory loss

8 myths about dementia you shouldn’t believe

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The primary concern of patients and their caregivers in Dementia is to face the societal stigma. These myths and misconceptions make it even harder for a person to ...
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Brain memory cells: What happens to them in old age?

Brain memory cells: What happens to them in old age? |brain memory exercise | brain memory food| brain memory increase| #OldAge #exercise #memories #memory #Brain #Brains #exercises #cells #cell #happen
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There is a common misconception that when someone attains a certain age, the brain cells stop developing and they start “wearing out”. This is often used to explain ...
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What You Should Know About Dementia

What You Should Know About Dementia Dementia symptoms and treatment #YouKnow #Dementia #treatment #treatments #symptoms #Alzheimers #EndALZ #BrainHealth #memoryloss
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By Will Sandford Contributing Author blogger and contributor on health, interior design and ecology blogs. Similarly to cancer, dementia is one of those words that simply strikes fear ...
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Home Remedies for Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer's disease
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Alzheimer’s disease is a common type of dementia, or decline in intellectual function. Once thought rare, Alzheimer’s disease is now known to affect more than 4.1 million people ...
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Here Is How You Can Prevent Your Memory Loss

memory loss
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The memory loss, particularly short term memory loss usually is connected with aging.  This is not true. According to newest researchers, a lot of young people forgot names, ...
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