Alternative Medicine Therapies

General holistic health tips for better health
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Many people today claim to use some form of alternative medicine or complementary therapy to manage their health. In recent years, doctors and researchers have begun to include ...
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Healthy Living: 4 Hobbies That Will Improve Your Agility

4 Hobbies That Will Improve Your Agility
Healthy Lifestyle
Agility, defined as the ease of one’s ability to move quickly, is an important skill for athletes to acquire. Having agility is essential when playing sports, engaging in ...
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Why Pay More At Gym When You Can Have A Better Workout At Home

Healthy Lifestyle
Gone are the days when the gym was the only place to get a workout. The model of having to leave your home in order to get fit ...
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How to use yoga for mental benefits

Yoga for mental stress relief, How to use yoga for reducing mental stress, yoga lifestyle healthy habits #yoga #benefits #benefit #stress
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How severe is mental stress now days Mental stress is one of the most dangerous parts of the nowadays life. It is among the worst human situations along ...
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The Benefits of Laughter Therapy …and how to get started

The Benefits of Laughter Therapy ...and how to get started
Healthy Lifestyle Self-Improvement
People concerned about their health are always looking for ways to ward off disease, relieve stress and keep fit. It may sound strange, but therapeutic laughter can help ...
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How Can Stress Affect Your Body?

Healthy Lifestyle How to
Stress can affect your body in some ways. Stress can be defined as a physical and mental response to situations we find challenging. Our physical stress response is ...
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