10 of the Best Weight Loss Tips You’ll Ever Read

10 of the Best Weight Loss Tips You’ll Ever Read

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Best Weight Loss TipsFit beautiful woman holding measure tape around her stomach. Weight loss concept.


I have outlines below 10 of the best weight loss tips you can ever get to start you on your weight loss journey.

They are by no means exhaustive but will serve as a major starting point to get that weight to the point here you can be proud of yourself and the point you’ve reached.


Weight loss journey starts with your determination.

You must be determined to get rid of the fat in your body so that you can live a healthy life and keep slim for life.

Your determination will serve like a fuel to keep you moving when you don’t feel like going to the gym or when you feel like eating junk food.

As long as you are determined to lose weight, there’s nothing that’s going to stop you and that’s a very good foundation to start.

I’m sure you are determined and that’s why you are reading this.


10 of the Best Weight Loss Tips You’ll Ever Read

10 of the Best Weight Loss Tips You'll Ever ReadExercise

Exercising your body to lose weight is one of the great ways to lose weight fast.

But many people seem to think that exercising while doing every other kind of unhealthy stuff will make them lose weight and they become discouraged when they notice the weight is refusing to come off.

The mistake they make is to think exercise is the genie of weight loss.

Exercise is like a catalyst for weight loss.

You eat healthy, then you exercise to make you lose weight faster.

You sleep well and you exercise.

You quit taking junk food and you exercise… that’s the trick.

Not, you eat 3 hamburgers and exercise… you’ll be wasting your time.


Eat Plenty Fruits and Veggies

In one of my posts on my blog, I mentioned how you can lose weight and keep it off for good, no dieting, no exercise regime but it is recommended for your heart.

But that post shows how you can lose weight for good and never have to worry about weight gain or loss again.

The secret?

You should become a vegetarian.

This method is for that particular post.

But for the sake of this post, taking lots of fruits and veggies is a sure way to lose weight.

Make sure there’s a significant amount of vegetables on your plate during meal time and also try to eat some fruits daily.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


Eat Small meals 5-6 times a day

Instead of eating three large meals a day, opt in for five to six small meals a day.

What’s the reason for this?

When you eat three large meals, your body spends a lot of time trying to digest each meal making you tired and slow.

But when you eat small meals, your body takes time to digest it and you have plenty of energy all day long.


Stop eating junk and sugar

You know how they say smoking and drinking a lot will eventually kill you?

Eating junk and plenty of sugar will also kill you just like smoking and booze will.


When you eat junk and sugar, it does serious damage to your body and over time, you get a heart attack because of how clogged up your arteries will be.

In time, smoking kills you.

In time, sugar and junk kills you.

Up till now, I still don’t understand why they don’t talk about how similar smoking and eating junk is for the population.

One word, PROFITS!

Reduce the amount of sugar and junk you feed your system and live long.


Take necessary supplements

There are great weight loss supplements out there and they are great. But don’t substitute them for the hard work you have to do to lose weight by yourself.

Like it says in the name, they are supplements, not the main thing.

Use them in addition to your workout regimes and your healthy eating regime and your weight loss will be faster and healthier.


Wear fitted clothes

This is my personal method I discovered a long time ago.

This is the fashion way.

Wear fitted clothes, especially during the winter and holidays to watch the way you eat.

If you notice your once fitted clothes are getting tight on you, it’s time to change your eating habits; or at least reduce it and take up exercising.

But there’s a method I use to reduce holiday weight and that’s in my lose weight in 3 days post. You can check it out there.


Reduce takeouts

There’s too much fat in takeouts even though they try to convince you otherwise.

It hurts you more if you order fatty meals like donuts, burgers and fried chicken.

If you absolutely have to order takouts, let them add some salad to your food so that at least you can have some veggies in your food.

Also, get some fruits.


Do more yoga

There are many yoga poses that can improve your weight loss journey.

I suggest you try taking up yoga for weight loss.

It is not an active method for weight loss but it is a damn good way to toe your body, break down fat for easy removal and also relaxation and flexibility.


Drink green tea

Green tea has very powerful antioxidants in them called Catechins and they work well with caffeine which can also be found in small amounts in green tea to lose weight.

Drink green tea in the morning and evening for best results.



These are the absolute best ways I think you can use to lose weight fast.

There are more out there but majority of them are derivatives of the methods I have outlined above.

I wish you a successful weight loss journey.

Good luck.



Temi Samuel.

Temi Samuel is an entrepreneur, a blogger and the owner of fithealthlab.com He is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and has been for over 10 years and wants to share his knowledge to you.

Best Weight Loss Tips
Fit beautiful woman holding measure tape around her stomach. Weight loss concept.

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