How to Live a Healthy & Mindful Life

How to Live a Healthy & Mindful Life

How to Live a Healthy & Mindful Life

by Peter Minkoff
Contributing Author, a passionate writer, professional fashion, lifestyle, and health,  expert

Today’s world is a hectic place. Though we all have different struggles in life, the one thing we all have in common is that we’re all pretty busy. We rush from one place to another believing that there is no other way to live. But if you’d just stop for a second, you’d be able to rethink whether your current lifestyle really makes you happy and allows you to be who you really are.

A long time ago, there was a woman called Norma Jean Baker, also known as Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood’s superstar. When asked whether she was happy in life, Miss Monroe answered: ‘…let’s see…I hope I’m finding happiness…If I’m genuinely anything, I’m genuinely miserable (laughs)… I don’t know’.

Unfortunately, Marilyn died a couple of years later. We’ll never know whether she had found her happiness or not. But one thing is for sure – she was genuine when answering this question. The pursuit of happiness never ends. Luckily, at least we know how the journey starts – with a decision to live a healthy and mindful life.

How to Live a Healthy & Mindful Life

1) Listen to a bird’s song

Those who work till late hours will hate to hear this, but you should always do your best to get out of bed early in the morning. The early bird catches the worm – that’s a fact. Waking up with the sunrise will extend your day and make you more productive.

There’s something magical about preparing yourself a cup of coffee while most of your neighborhood is still quiet. Somewhere behind trees, you’ll hear a bird’s song. If you open your windows and soon enough, you’ll see sun meeting the sky.

2) Eat your breakfast passionately

Breakfast is important for several reasons.

First, a proper breakfast is a source of key nutrients. Next, regularly preparing and eating a healthy morning meal protects you from developing health conditions such as diabetes and low bone mass. Skipping breakfast can have a detrimental effect on underweight people.

Lastly, a breakfast stabilizes levels of sugar in your blood and prepares your metabolism for the remainder of the day.

3) Enjoy the process of getting fit

Getting fit has never been easier. There are plenty of ways to tone your body: you can sign for the regular gym sessions, exercise in your home with the help of fitness DVDs, jog with your best friend, do yoga outdoors, etc.

Sure, you can do workouts wearing women’s exercise tights and a sports bra, but when it gets cold, you’ll need a hoodie and performance jacket too.

Proper equipment is important because it can prevent some injuries. Also, it allows you to fully enjoy the process of getting fit. When you see how much you’ve improved your appearance, it will be impossible not to feel proud of yourself, at least a little bit.

4) Meditate and do Yoga

Meditation helps people embrace spirituality and detach from the material world. Needless to say, you’ll have to find a good teacher who really understands meditation to help you strengthen your spirit. Alternatively, you can practice yoga that help you de-stress and find inner peace.

5) Don’t be the one destroying your dreams

Mindful people prioritize smartly. They continuously evaluate their actions but they are not obsessed with their performance, let alone with other people’s perception of their lives.

You really need to learn to love yourself for who you are. Regardless of the current situation in your life, don’t give up on your beliefs or plans. While others might sometimes try to bring you down, you must never crush your own dreams.

6) Be aware of the river that flows in you

You are unique and sensational. There won’t be a remake of you.

Highly mindful people are aware of their complexity, yet they never surrender to their weaknesses. In order to understand yourself, you must first accept your true self entirely. It’s ok to have a frail soul and breakable heart. At the same time, you can boost your mental toughness, as well as social and emotional intelligence. Your inner self is the source of the only power you really need in this life.

Mindful people understand that the most spacious room is a room for self-improvement.

7) Sleep well

Quiet hours matter as much as your active hours. Regardless of the weight of your responsibilities, so cutting back on your sleep isn’t a wise thing to do.

Living mindful life requires a careful approach to your scheduling. You have to find time to rest and recover because you are made of delicate materials. Developing sleep disorder is the last thing you need.


While a healthier lifestyle will benefit your physical and mental health, mindful life will toughen your spirit and transform your life perception. If this list as a whole seems like too much to grasp at the moment, you can start by applying gradual changes to your everyday life. It all begins with listening to a bird’s song in the early morning.

Peter is a health writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and New Zealand. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

How to Live a Healthy & Mindful Life

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