Exercises to help women lose weight quickly at home

Exercises to help women lose weight quickly at home

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If you’re fighting to lose weight, make sure you’re not alone. According to Medicine Plus, approximately two-thirds of the US population has problems losing weight. You do not need a costly membership in a gym to get rid of those unwanted kilos. Selecting some exercises to burn calories will help you lose weight quickly in your own home.

Set your goals to lose weight

Set healthy goals to lose weight while exercising at home. Losing one to two pounds (450 to 907 grams) requires burning from 3,500 to 7,000 calories per week. This means that you need to burn 500 to 1000 calories per day. They must be realistic goals. If burning 1000 calories a day seems too much to you, you should start with a smaller goal, such as losing just one pound (450 grams) per week, for which you would need to lose about 500 calories per day. Or you can combine physical activity with a low-calorie diet. For example, eating 300 fewer calories per day and burning 700 calories through physical activity would help you lose two pounds per week (907 grams).

Aerobic activities

You need a minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic activity per day to lose weight. Walking at 5.5 kilometers per hour burns 298 calories in a 155-pound person. Getting on a fixed bike at home helps you burn 520 calories per hour. If you do not have the equipment to exercise at home, try jumping the rope, you can burn 744 calories per hour. Another option to start your exercise routine at home is a video of low impact aerobic exercise, with it you can burn 410 calories per hour.

Rapid burning of calories

As you get stronger, select activities that have a greater potential to burn calories to get rid of those kilos faster. For example, instead of walking on your treadmill, try jogging, that will help you burn 446 calories per hour; or run, since you can burn up to more than 1000 calories per hour depending on your speed. Choose a video of high-impact aerobics instead of a low-impact one to burn more calories. You will burn about 520 calories per hour instead of 410.

Activities to train strength

Strength training helps you lose weight faster. Schedule two or three strength training sessions at home per week. Although weight lifting burns around 224 calories per hour, your worked muscles will burn calories more efficiently throughout the day and accelerate weight loss. Concentrate on your main muscle groups including abdominals, legs, buttocks, arms, and back. At home, you can use your own weight or resistance tubes. For example, do abdominals, lunges, push-ups, and squats using all the weight of your body to tone your muscles. The resistance tubes are used to do bicep curls, squats and rewards.

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